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Top 5 » Best Coffee Bars in the world

Coffee makes the world go round right? ;-) We’ve selected the best coffee bars in the world. Time to check it out!

1. The Coffee Academics in Hong Kong, China

Source: Coffee Academics

Ok, where do we start. This place is craaazy. They organize events, have an online shop and you can become a qualified barista by learning the trade in their famous training program.
Yes, this is coffee at his best.

2. Coffee & Coconuts in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Coffee & Coconuts Coffee bars
Coffee & Coconuts

This place serves more then just coffee. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, amazing XL Cappuccino’s and yes, fresh Coconuts! There is free wifi which makes it the perfect place to work.Young couples, workaholics and bloggers love this place :-) It’s new in town so you may need to share a table or wait for the perfect spot on a couch or cushion.

3. Addison 7 steele in Perth, Australia

Source: Addison Steele, Perth

If you ever visit Perth in Australia, be sure to check out this place. First of all, it’s nice to cool off and the escape the Australian heat for a moment but it’s also a great place for their blueberry bagel and beautiful crafted coffees. Check their Facebook page to find out more.

4. The Attendant in London, England
This coffee bar used to be a Victorian toilet, built around 1890 and mothballed in the 1960’s. It might feel a little strange to drink your coffee where people used to take a leek but ey, it’s certainly a very innovating way of creating one of the most talked about coffee bars in England!


5. Cafe Central in Vienna, Austria
Ok, I’ve never been here but I really want to drink a coffee here alongside a piece of that amazing cake that they serve here! Some of the most greatest minds such as Sigmund Freud to Leon Trotsky have gathered here and drank their coffees.




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