April 19, 2016 Wander-lust

These are our favorite Coachella 2016 trends

With Coachella gone, we can talk about the outfits and trends. Yes, Coachella girls and boys set the new trends for this summer. The traditional bohemian look has faded a little bit and makes place for metallic jewelry, round sunglasses, denim and and facial glitter. These were some of our favorite Coachella 2016 trends:

Kunna Haan @KUNAHAAN
This girl is what Coachella is all about. She is a festival girl and boy, does she have style. We’re proud to say she’s Dutch! This year she rocked black piece, rock chick meets dark bohemian. Uber cool.

Kuna Haan Coachella girl
Photo Source: Tim Regas

Julie Sarinana aka @SINCERELYJULES
We’ve been following this tropical girl for a couple of years now and she didn’t disappoint us at Coachella this year. With flowers in her hair, she sticks by her own style which we love!

Sincerely Jules, Coachella girl
Source: @sincerelyjules

Franggy Yanuz aka @FRACROX
Our favorite beardman made his way to Coachella this year and guess who kind of styled him in Levi’s? Yes, Wander-Lust Sarah! You did well girl. Denim makes the man!

Franggy Yanus, Coachella man
Franggy pictured with Lizzy van der Ligt

Rocky Barnes aka @ROCKY_BARNES
Girl crush! We loved her butterfly headpiece from Delfina crowns

Rocky Barnes at Coachella 2016

Trend » Metallic Fashion
Heavy but this is the must have jewelry this summer!

Metallic fashion Coachella
Kendall rocks the metallic trend. Photo Source: Tim Regas

Trend » Round Sunnies
Totally agree, The John Lennon look has never been so trendy as this year!

Round sunglasses at Coachella

Trend » Denim
The Coachella trend that never fails; Denim

Denim at Coachella
Lizzy, Chiara, Bikini girls Tash&Dev

Trend » Chokers
Yes, they’re back! Maybe I have one left from when I was 13?

Chokers at Coachella 2016

Trend » Facial Glitter
Flash tattoos are soo 2015…

Coachella-Fashion-2016-Pictures (6)

So, what’s your favorite trend?



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