Living out of a backpack, the essential tips before take off

I was having this itch, for years now already. Some days it faded away a bit, on others it was stronger then ever. It was necessary that i scratched. Now, before you start to think I’m telling you about some gross disease, don’t worry. Of course I’m talking about the travelbug! But this bug wasn’t going away with a citytrip or a 2 week holiday. This was a pretty bad one. So, I took the plunge, quit my job and booked a plane ticket to Asia. I figured it would take about 7 months of scratching before I returned back to normal. But, saying goodbye to my job and pay for the ticket was the easy part. How do you prepare for such a long trip? I wont bother telling you about the basics like arranging your visa and getting you shots (yes, get them, all!). But here are some (packing)tips and tricks that will make your backpacker life somewhat easier (don’t worry, you can use them on shorter trips as well).

Backpacking tips
Like planning your trip, you need to plan your packing

Leave half of your luggage at home
I’ve learned the hard way, carrying a heavy backpack or suitcase is not fun at all. Many people told me to leave half of the stuff I wanted to take at home. I did not listen. The result is a bag full of clothes I probably won’t wear, toiletries that weigh me down and other small somethings that were thrown in five seconds before leaving. There is much more fun in buying new clothes during your travels and having space for awesome souvenirs. And be honest, do you really need that nail polish remover?

Solid shampoo
In the process of making my bag lighter, I discovered something awesome. Shampoo and conditioner bars from Lush. They look like soap bars and weigh hardly anything. Major plus: the shampoo and conditioner are heavily concentrated so you don’t need much to lather up. Meaning, you can use these babies for a long time. Also very convenient when you are traveling with just a carry-on bag. Best thing, they smell amazing! Buy them here!


Ziplock bags
Some say they are lifesavers. I tend to agree. About 50 ziplock bags cost about one euro at your local supermarket, but their value while traveling is priceless. It’s an easy way to categorize and keep you stuff together (remember those little somethings). Also, they protect your bag from (potentially) leaking liquids.

We all know what our suitcases or backpacks look like after two days (or even less): a total mess! Clothes everywhere, you never seem to be able to locate that one awesome pair of shorts. Fear no more, the solution is here! Bag-in-bags give you the opportunity to organize your stuff and keep it neat for the remainder of your travels. There are several shops where you can buy these (some even in nice, bright colors), I got mine at Decathlon for a very backpacker-friendly price. Since i didn’t listen to the advise to dump half of my belongings, these bags help me stay sane.


Skin so Soft
Nobody likes mosquito’s, period. But when you are traveling to a tropical country you have to be extra aware to not get bitten by those little buggers. Tropical diseases like Dengue, Malaria and Zika are easily transferred by mosquito’s. Many people use insect repellent with DEET in it, but here is the thing, DEET is really bad for your skin. It doesn’t really smell good either. I discovered a bottle of Skin so Soft from Avon. A dry oil spray that hydrates your skin, and even better, keeps the mosquito’s away! That’s what I call a win-win situation (not for the mozzies).

Lifesaver Source

Proof Of Onward Travel
Last but not least: if you are going on a multiple country trip, make sure to check if your airline requires Proof Of Onward Travel. Say what? Yes, proof that you are indeed leaving the country you are flying into. Otherwise, you risk being denied access to your flight. This is not a commonly known requirement, which is very odd if you ask me. Not all airlines ask for it, but ours (Qatar airways) sure did. Luckily I booked a cheap train ticket from Vietnam to Cambodia to proof that I was indeed ‘ traveling onward’. Another solution is ‘renting’ a ticket. You can do this at FlyOnward and it costs about 10 to 17 euro.

Now you are ready to conquer that itch yourself, in a comfortable way. If you have any essential tips, do tell!

Love from Vietnam,


*Jill is one of our guest bloggers living in Amsterdam (@jillgwendolyn) where she works as a content manager for a digital agency. She’s Crazy about traveling and has spend her studies in New Zealand . You can read a new article from Jill in every 3rd week of the month! Jill is currently traveling through south East Asia.

More Travel Tips? 

Best Travel Gadgets of 2017

Ooh how we love travel gadgets! We can’t wait to show you what’s new and more importantly, what’s handy! Check out our favorite selection of Travel Gadgets 2017!

The Secrid Wallet
Have you heard of paying without entering your pincode? Well, it’s a new paying method introduced in The Netherlands recently which makes your grocery shopping about 5 seconds quicker but that doesn’t always mean it’s safe. When your card has one of those chips, skimmers can easily walk past you and skim your card without even stealing it. Yep, it has happened. The Secrid wallet is made out of a aluminium material which blocks this. And that’s just the safety part. The Secrid Wallet is also ultra thin so easily fits into your pocket and comes in several stylish designs. Bonus: your cards will pop up in an instance and make you look, well, pretty cool if you ask us. (Bond girl 3.0?)


Smart Padlocks
If you’re bringing a padlock on your travels, you might lose the key (yes, it has happened to us!) The lock tracks who has unlocked it, where and when. Just connect with NFC or Bluetooth and you are the only one that get’s access. Get it at


Solar chargers
Go green is what it’s all about these days and solar chargers are huge in travel land. We own a Waka Waka charger but there are many more chargers to choose from. News site The Independent wrote an article about the 8 best solar chargers on the market. Check it here.


Inflatable bubble tent
OMG, this is something we all want to own! Maybe it’s a good investment for you and your friends. I’m sure you can charge people to sleep here ;-). Buy it from Amazone from eh..900 dollars. (still worth it!)

Inside the Air-Bubble on Floor17

Blue Ridge Camping Hammock
It’s he best camping hammock out there in our opinion. You can safely sleep here, even if the surface on the ground isn’t suitable to put up a tent, you just tie this hammock in between 2 trees and you’re good. Get yours for 199 dollars at


Stylish passport holders
It’s the one thing you can’t travel without. Your passport. You might as well keep it in a stylish looking pasport holder right? We love the one from Rituals (header photo) . but there are soooo many out there. What’s your favorite?


Selfie drone
The selfie stick is soooo 2015. Make way for the selfie drone! It’s tiny, it’s social and it’s cool. BUT (yes, there is a but) it’s not cheap folks. At £399 it’s a pretty high investment but eh, you’re gonna be the coolest traveler on the planet!

selfie-drone travel gadgets 2017
Picture by @davefrenchfry

We’ve all had this issue want to go for a swim but you don’t want to leave your stuff unattended. One of your friends or partner has to stay behind to look after your belongings. Flexsafe is the solution! It’s water resistant and you can attach it to chairs, poles or your bicycle. You can buy it for less than €40,-.

flexsafe best travel gadgets
Source: Flexsafe

So what’s your favorite?



Festival trends seen at Coachella 2017

We just got back from an amazing couple of days at Palm Springs and enjoyed Coachella 2017 to the max. With the festival weekend 1 gone, we can talk about some of the outfits and trends! Yes, Coachella girls and boys set new trends for this summer and what to wear this festival season. The traditional bohemian look has made a little comeback and we also seen metallic lingerie, classic denim and more. These were some of our favorite Coachella 2017 trends:

Trend » Metallic Lingerie Tops
Heavy shizzle but if you can handle it, this is the must have piece for this summer!

Coachella trends 2017
Jamie Kidd, Kendall Jenner wear it with grace

Hair Trend » Side knots
Loving this playful hairstyle and thank god, it’s so easy to create!

Kenzas & Negin are rocking this trend

Trend » Denim
The Coachella trend that never fails; Denim

Sarah with @sincerelyJules, Allesandra and Giaro

Trend » Big (very big) sunglasses
We’re not too sure about this trend and maybe it’s just California that is rocking this trend but if we have to believe Coachella 2017, this might be it. Big sunglasses.

Sunglasses Coachella 2017
Source: Nicole Richie

Hair Trend » Color It Up!
Yup, let’s get painting.


People at Coachella that got it right:

Kunna Haan @KUNAHAAN
This girl is what Coachella is all about. She is the ultimate festival girl and what she wears, stands out. We’re also proud to say she’s Dutch! This year she rocked a long floral dress and a white piece. Uber cool.

Photo Source

Julie Sarinana aka @SINCERELYJULES
We’ve been following this tropical girl for a couple of years now and she didn’t disappoint us at Coachella this year. Sarah got to meet her last weekend and we love how she sticks by her own style!

Source: @sincerelyjules

Jamie Kidd aka @JAMIENKIDD
Wow, this girl is on fire! She’s a model (no shit) and a travel blogger. Cute as hell but she also has a great shape and she flaunts it in the right way. She really stood out this Coachella weekend and press took notice. You will find this picture on many platforms.

Source: @Jamienkidd

So, what’s your favorite trend?



Body Sugaring, and why we love this new trend

I am all for trying new things and when it comes to getting my skin smooth and ready for a holiday, I’m first in line. So when I got invited to try a Body Sugaring treatment, I thought it would involve eating something sweet because then hell yeah, count me in! Nope, this was a new waxing method and I was going to test it at Amsterdam based salon Sweet & Smooth.

sweet_smooth_ body sugaring

The Sweet & Smooth salon is situated in Amsterdam West, near Mercatorsquare. This is somewhat surprising because you would expect that most award winning salons are based near the city center. Yes, you’ve read it correctly, Sweet & Smooth is award winning. It’s officially the best waxing salon of The Netherlands, voted by Treatwell customers. When entering the salon I noticed that it’s quite small and it doesn’t look like your typical beautysalon. Owner Nicoleta tells me: “I don’t like those hospital white walls and floors, I’m a retro kind of girl who likes jazz and authenticity.” She immediately makes me feel comfortable, something that is quite nice before you’re about to experience something rather unpleasant. Nicoleta explains that sugaring is already popular in Scandinavian countries as well as in Eastern Europe. 

Sweet & Smooth Salon Amsterdam
Proud and well deserved, Nicoleta with her award

So What Is Sugaring?
Sugaring might be new to you but it’s an acient Egyptian beauty method used all over the world, including Europe. The natural ingredients (sugar and lime) are kind to your skin and less painful. The difference to waxing with strips is that the body sugaring paste will be applied against the direction of the hair growth, but the hair will be removed in the direction of the hair growth. The result is that hair almost never breaks, it reduces ingrown hair. So back at my treatment. Nicoleta grabs a lump of warm sugar and twists and turns it before rubbing it onto my skin. She is using the same sugar for my entire treatment and adds some new sugar now and then to keep it warm and smooth. I’m realizing that this sugaring is quite sustainable as you don’t need any waxing strips and a lot of wax. That’s a bonus!


It’s not completely painless (let’s be real girls) but the Treatwell voters didn’t lie, it’s seriously a lot less painful than any other hair removal treatments I’ve experienced! And I have to admit that my skin feels all mighty soft without a trace of a rash. And even after a few days, my skin feels like it has had a much needed peel. This sugaring is definitely something I can get used to, especially when it’s time to wear that bikini again. This salon might be smaller and less luxurious than you might be used to, this treatment combined with Nicoleta’s comfortable service is definitely worth coming for.

Sweet & Smooth is available for bookings via Treatwell.
Hondiusstraat 10HS, Amsterdam



How to take travel photo’s like a boss

As travel bloggers, it’s extremely important to have a sense of photography skills. Right? Well let us tell you a secret. We are anything but professional photographers! (Although we still have a dream to become National Geographic photographers one day..). If you look at our website and Instagram account, you will see that we are very much focused on visuals. From nature, portraits to food and buildings. You won’t even realize how much we discuss sometimes about getting the perfect image. If the color isn’t right of the light doesn’t quite do it for us, we won’t post it. But I think over the years we have managed to improve our skills a great deal to the point that people ask us:

So how do we do it?
Creating that perfect image doesn’t need to take a million settings or hours editing. No, it all starts with a good camera. At Wander-Lust we work with Olympus and even though we used to own a Canon and Sony before, we have shifted to Olympus for several reasons;

  1. We needed a compact digital camera that we could bring everywhere
  2. The Olympus OMD and PEN are one of the best compact SLR camera’s out there
  3. You can fit different lenses onto the Olympus OMD and PEN camera’s for better visual performance 

    Eska Prague
    Shot with the Olympus OMD

So once we got our new camera’s, we needed to learn a few things. For us there are a few things of importance when we shoot travel photo’s; light (ISO) saturation (color) settings, wifi and video. Something that our newly bought camera’s have. Don’t think we are professionals, we are far from it, but that’s the great thing about having a easy to use camera, you can pretend to be a pro without anyone noticing it! These are the settings we think you should know about when starting your photography:

  • ISO (light)
  • Diafragma (Blurry fore or background)
  • Different scenes setting

One of the best Honeymoon suites in Santorini
Setting P: brightens the picture even it’s it’s darker outside

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Capturing movement is no problem with the OMD

I decided to buy the Olympus OMD E-M10 and Sarah got the Olympus PEN E-PL7. Both are now available for €499,- in selected stores or online. Let’s put the 2 camera’s next to each other and compare a few things.

Advantages of the Olympus E-M10
Has a viewfinder Yes vs No

Higher resolution screen
Around 40% higher resolution screen
Better color depth
Slightly better image quality 73.0 vs 72.0
Almost the same
Built-in flash Yes vs No

Advantages of the Olympus E-PL7
Supports 24p Yes vs No
You can make awesome selfies or vlogs

Takes 3D photos
Combines multiple photos into a 3D image
Smaller Size, thinner and lighter

One of the great things that both camera’s have, is the build-in stabilisator which you really notice when making a video. Plus blurry travel photo’s are a thing of the past! Both camera’s have an Art setting where you can edit your picture to create a dramatic look like Sarah did on the picture below that she made in Malaysia. Another great feature is the WIFI so you can transfer pictures to your photo in an instance. Once you buy yourself an Olympus, download the Olympus Share App to be able to share. You can even use you phone as a remote if you want to shoot a clear picture of yourself without having to use the timer.

Set your camera on ART and see what happens!

You can also change your color settings to what you would like. I personally love it when colors are vivid and pop out so I put my saturation up one notch in the setting menu. The result? The bluest water and skies without any effort!

Processed with VSCO
Clear, colorful pictures
So there you have it, no need to buy a camera for thousands of euros, next time you’re on a trip, you can become a pro, shooting the best travel photo’s without even knowing it!
For more info about our camera’s visit or check out the reviews via google.



Obsession » The Pillow Room

What began with a trip through India and across Asia, resulted in a beautiful pillow collection. Creative director Sanne Poot was decorating her house in Singapore when she came up with the idea. She couldn’t find any nice pillows that suited her new house so she decided to make her own. She got so many positive reactions on it, that she decided to start The Pillow Room. 


It certainly helped that Sanne has a background in fashion. She used to work for fashion brand Love Stories. Her love for fashion and style really shows in her first pillow collection. All the pillows are handmade in India and each pillow takes around 8 hours to make. Sanne makes sure her pillows are created by carefully checked factories, so she makes sure that no child labour and bad conditions apply. This is one of her main objectives. “we visited all our factories to make sure nothing shady is going on, this is extremely important to us”

Loving this colorful design!


Schermopname (207)
Some of the styles available online

The Pillow Room
Feeling tropical with pillow’s from The Pillow Room

There are pillow’s for everyone’s taste, from elegant and stylish to colorful The pillow’s are available in all 7 Bijenkorf stores, Anna & Nina, Six & Sons and Biggles plus some cute boutique stores throughout the Netherlands. Not around? No worries, you can buy them online from today onward! The pillow’s go from €29 to €89 depending on the size. We’re obsessed, no question!

The Pillow Room



8 bikini babes to follow on Instagram

Ask me to make a list and you know it will have something to do with either beaches or bikinis! Another thing I don’t have a problem with is showing some skin. But this time it’s not about me. In this post I will share my top 8 bikini babes I check out on a daily basis. Let’s say the girls I have on Instagram speed-dial.

Rocky Barnes (@rocky_barnes)
For me, Rocky Barnes is one of the coolest and prettiest bikini babes there out there. I was lucky enough to have met her a couple of weeks ago in Miami during Swim Week. She’s so nice! Everything looks perfect on her and she’s just living life and let us all join the ride thanks to her beautiful Insta-feed.

Rocky Barnes bikini babes

Naila (@naila)
Another beautiful babe that loves to show off her a-ma-zing body is Naila. She’s an online influencer from LA and loves to travel the world from Hawaii to Dubai in as little clothes as possible. She’s definitely working on her tan 365 days a year!

Naila Instagram bikini babes

Natasha Oakley (@tashoakley)
This list full of bikini babes wouldn’t be complete without at least one of the girls from A Bikini A Day right? With almost 2 million followers on Instagram this babe is truly a bikini boss. If she could, she’d wear a bikini 24/7 and I wouldn’t blame her! Every time I look at her pictures two things come to my mind: I need that bikini and I need to go to the gym again…

Tash Oakley 2

Shea Marie (@peaceloveshea)
This blogger-turned-swimwear-designer grew up and lives at the east coast of the US. She basically spent all her days in bikinis so it wasn’t a surprise when she started her own label two years ago. To promote new styles she often shares enviable photos on Instagram and I don’t mind at all ;)

Shea Marie

Kalani Miller (@kalanimiller)
Kalani Miller is the wife of professional surfer Kelly Slater (he’s so hot!) living on the beautiful island of Hawaii. Together with her sister she is the owner and desiger of swimwear label Mikoh so she definitely knows a few things about bikinis! With a celebrity following of Rihanna and Jessica Alba

Kalani Miller

Natalie Roser (@natalie_roser)
The best thing about being a bikini model is that you’re getting paid to wear bikinis on a daily basis. For Nathaly this is not a problem at all, showing her uber-fit body on the beaches of Australia and Bali. Her striking white smile and long blonde hair makes her stand out from the rest. Some girls just have it all…

Nathalie Roser

Paula Handrick (@paulahandrick)
Paula is a swimwear blogger like me who lives in Germany. We share the same love for bikinis and I love that her images are always so happy and colorful. She loves to spend time in the gym and with her boyfriend and always makes sure she shares it all on her Snapchat!

Victoria Kristine (@iamblasiangurl)
Victoria is a Blasian model and blogger and I have to admit that I only recently know what Blasian means, lol! For the ones that don’t know, Blasian is a mix between the words black and Asian and refers to her origin. What I love about Victoria is that she doesn’t have a ‘standard’ look. She wears whatever she wants and often goes for a natural look. I think this girl is going to be big, in a bikini or wearing clothes, so keep an eye on her!



*Gala is one of our guest bloggers from from the Netherlands with Caribbean roots. She knows everything about beachwear and shares her best finds and summer essentials for Wander-Lust this season. Check out her blog You can follow Gala on Instagram for bikini inspiration!

O’Neill launches sustainable slippers made from palm leaves

When brands try to be innovative and sustainable at the same time, this is when you got our attention. O’Neill Footwear just launched a slipper that is made out of Palm leaves!

Don’t worry, no palmtrees are cut down for this. Have you heard of the Areca Palm? That is a palm tree which grows in the Southern part of India. Every year there are 80 million leaves falling down from it and nothing was ever done with it … until now ! Together with Tjeerd Veenhoven, a Dutch designer, O’Neill created these slippers with a good story. Tjeerd Veenhoven researches in sustainable and natural materials. He has already created paint of tulips, laminate from potato skins and textiles from algae. and now he was asked by O’Neill  to check out the possibilities with palm leather.

O'Neill palm slippers -MOODZfotografie-063

The Slipper
O’Neill created 2 slippers for women. One slipper with a toe strap called ‘ Chelsea ‘ and one sandal with cross strap under the name ‘ Sophie’ . The footbed and two straps are made ​​of palm leaves. The beach footwear feels comfortable and yet, managed to look stylish. For this extra comfort they’ve used one small suede strap. The cool thing about these palm slippers are that each pair is unique and different in color and has other features, because it being a natural product and no palm leaf is the same!

O'Neill palm slippers - MOODZfotografie-004

Tree of Life
Besides the ultimate surfer slipper, there is another reason to buy it. The fallen palm leaves picked up by local Indian workers where they are carefully selected for manufacturing. For each palm leaf they pick up,  they get paid. This process improves the lives of many Indian people . Hence the name : The ” Tree of Life Project. The palm tree is now vital for the poorest communities , in a country where caste your position on the social ladder states . Who buys these slippers , supports the local Indian employees can now also take advantage of what nature provides.

I’m looking forward to wear my first pair of Palmtree Slippers as my order is on it’s way! They are available at MINT from the 28th of July.



9 amazing sunglasses under €60

Now that Summer season is in full swing the one question I often get is “Are those new sunglasses?” And I have to admit, most of the time I answer that question with a ‘yes’ but sometimes I do wear an oldie that I still love and cherish. When it comes to buying new sunglasses I’m willing to pay a bit more for a designer piece because sunglasses are something that I literally wear every day and they really finish your look. Whether you’re on the beach, at a festival or just driving your car. When I buy a new bikini I automatically imagine which sunglasses will match with it, and vice versa. 

Gala with one of her favorite sunglasses
Sunglasses has become one of the main beach essentials. Photo by Gala

But I’m gong to be honest with you travel-lovers, sometimes I want to wear new sunglasses to try out a new look without paying hundreds of Euros for it, don’t you? Just a fun and fashionable style with good glasses that doesn’t break after wearing it twice. Now I know a couple of brands that offer quality sunglasses for a reasonable price. And since I love sharing my secrets with you (well, some secrets) I decided to dedicate this post to some of the best sunglasses under €60. This way you can look cool during your next vacay and still save some money for the cocktails!

Buy it Online:
The number one (online) store I visit when I’m looking for new, affordable sunglasses is They offer nice brands in different price categories. Other favorites are Net-a-Porter and Sunglass Hut, quality sunglasses but a little more expensive. 

Round sunglasses
Hey Macarena round-frame acetate sunglasses €45,- Buy it Net-a-Porter

Quay Highly Strung Round Half Frame Sunglasses €44,- Asos

Tropical Gansta sunglasses
Rad + Refined, Tropical Gangsta sunglasses, €36,- Get them here.

Quay, High Emotion Round Marble sunglasses
Quay, High Emotion Round Marble sunglasses, €42. Asos

Asos sunglasses

Le Specs, Exclusive Paramount Polarised sunnies, €45. Asos

Tropical sunglasses

Komono, Allen Palm Series, €50 Link

Komono Sunglasses
Komono Bennet Black Transparant €55,- and Stella Milky Red €50,-

Le Specs, Bojangles sunglasses,

Jeepers Peepers HUNTER, €29,95 from Zalando

I hope you like this selection and that you will rock your new sunnies to your next travel destination this Summer!



*Gala is one of our guest bloggers from from the Netherlands with Caribbean roots. She knows everything about beachwear and shares her best finds and summer essentials for Wander-Lust this season. Check out her blog You can follow Gala on Instagram for bikini inspiration!

To read Gala’s post about this summer’s hottest swimwear styles, go here!

This will be summer’s hottest swimwear!

Hello summer, we have missed you! (you are somewhere!) We’re running around like headless chickens trying to get bikini ready. But while we concentrate on that, we almost forget about what to wear on the beach this season! Thank god we have an expert on swimwear just a call away. Gala from MyBikiniMusthaves knows exactly what’s hot on the beach this season and she’s going to tip all the hottest swimwear just for Wander-Lust!

Gala from my bikini musthaves
Bikini girl Gala

1. Cut-outs
In recent years I’ve seen more and more one pieces with less fabric: cut-out swimsuits rose quickly to popularity! But this year I think the cut-out bikinis will take over from the one pieces. What I love about cut-outs is that you can completely decide yourself how much skin you want to show and to which point you feel comfortable. A new variant of the cut-out trend is the Butterfly: a row of horizontal cut-outs on the back of your bathing suit. This is your go-to style for this summer!

cut out pic

2. Crochet 2.0
I know what you think, crochet swimwear isn’t a 2016 trend because we’ve seen them already for a couple of years. And it’s true! But let’s be honest, we still love them, don’t we? But I’ve seen a couple of fashion updates in the more classic crochet styles as we know them. Brands like BECCA, Emilio Pucci and Missoni know how to work this trend and show us a fashionable twist in swimwear. Crochet bikini top with neoprene fabric anyone? Love it!

Swimwear musthaves

3. Strapless one pieces
Readers of my blog already know that strapless one pieces were a hot topic a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t without reason. These type of one pieces are not only for new moms or curvy ladies, lord no! They look amazing on tall, slim bodies too. Take notes from Bella Hadid and Sports Illustrated model Hannah Davis. And if you have bigger breast, just make sure to wear a one piece with underwire to keep everything in place ;)

Swimwear musthaves 2016

4. Wrap bikini tops
Wrap bikini tops definitely belong to the swimwear trends for 2016! And also with this trend you have several variations. Like the front cross wrap, shown in black below, and of course the thinner and wider wraps in the tops. I always advise to wear the thinner straps if you have smaller breasts and the wider straps are perfect if you’re privileged with a fuller cup size. But either way, the attention will be drawn to your lady parts anyway ;)

5. Crop tops
My personal favourite trend for 2016! Not very ideal for a good tan-session, I know, but you can really show your own personal style with crop top bikinis. Some people think crop tops are only available in sportive styles but that’s not true! The great thing with bikini crop tops is that you can also wear them outside the beach too. It’s a very popular style at festivals! Oh and one more tip, if you go for a crop top halter style bikini make sure you choose low rise bottom otherwise your torso will look very short.

musthave swimwear

There you have it, 5 best swimwear trends for this summer. So if you haven’t found your new bikini for your next holiday destination yet I hope this post will help you in your search! Whether you go to Bali, Rio or Marrakech, if you follow these trends your beach look will definitely be on point!

Happy tanning!