The Avocado Show is going international!

We all know that the Avocado Show was going to be popular. Tourist from all over the world visited the avocado restaurant since it opened in last December. Good news for those who haven’t had a chance yet to check it out. The Avocado Show is going international!

The Avocado Show goes International
The avocado madness started last December

Thanks to Shawn Harris, the woman behind Nature’s Pride, one of the largest Avocado supplier in the world. She believed in the Dutch entrepreneurs from the beginning and is now going to invest 5 million euro so they can expand abroad.

At the moment they are talking to 10 different countries and they are focusing on major cities like Dubai, Bangkok and capitals in Europe. They are eventually planning to open around a hundred restaurants. They are also looking to open a second restaurant in Amsterdam.

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The Avocado Show reveals their menu and it looks awesome

About 1 month ago we were the first ones to tell you about the soon to be open Avocado Bar, The Avocado Show. The restaurant that will open their doors this February, gained a lot of interest from all over the world. Blogs, online magazines and platforms couldn’t stop talking about it.

Co-owner Ron Simpson recently revealed a few of their test tastings on Instagram and all we can say is; holy guacamole! (see how we did that? ;-))
They haven’t confirmed their dishes just yet but The Avocado Show has posted a picture of a Poke dish that will probably make the cut!

The Avocado Show reveals menu
Poke, but with a (Avocado) twist! (source: The Avocado Show)

During the test tastings last week, they tried Avocado Pizza, Avocado Ice-Cream (this looked sooo good), Avocado Salads, Avocado Rolls and more. 


Yes, we are thinking the same as you are. Is it February yet? For more info and updates check Facebook.



Amsterdam will open Europe’s first Avocado Bar » The Avocado Show

In New York is already a big hit, Avocado Bars. The first one will open soon and there is no reason for Amsterdam to stay behind. Entrepreneur Ron Simpson, Julian Zaal and chef Jamie van Heije are opening The Avocado Show in trendy area De Pijp in Amsterdam.

It will be Europe’s first Avocado Bar and you can bet on it that it’s going to be a hit. The avocado has been an ongoing trend on social media for a few years now. Apple even treated it’s users with an avocado emoticon this week and it’s a healthy nutritious food source our bodies love. One study looked at the dietary habits and health of people who eat avocados. Avocado consumers were found to be much healthier than people who didn’t eat avocados. Damn, this is good news! You can find the avocado in all sorts of variations nowadays; you have Avocado burgers, fried Avocado, smoothies, salads and let’s not forget about the smashed Avocado on toast. (winner!)

Salads, smoothies and more. The Avocado Show has it all Photo Source

The Avocado Show will serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner (including late night) and of course you will be able to order online. We’re excited about this one so stay tuned for the opening in February because we’ll be the first to tell you!

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