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Now that I’m a mother, I need to selectively search for those places where I can open my laptop, do some work, enjoy a coffee and breastfeed my baby without people giving me that strange look. Even though breastfeeding is totally natural and a necessity for your baby, some people still think it’s strange when a woman is breastfeeding her child in public. Boezemvriend is one of those places where it’s possible to do this without feeling weird about it while enjoying a tasty latte.

Still controversial even though breastfeeding is the world’s most natural thing. Source

Breastfeeding Consultancy
As a new mother I know how tough the first few weeks can be when it comes to breastfeeding. Boezemvriend is a lactation consultancy practice, where you can ask all your questions about and around breastfeeding. You can also book a lactation consultant (if needed, they can visit you at home), you can follow courses and buy or rent breast pumps. (always handy!) If you want to check if it’s for you, you can join their monthly birth cafe where you can ask questions to a professional consultant and meet new parents, for free! 

Who says that breastfeeding-friendly cafe’s can’t be cool?

The Cafe
Super nice! I was surprised about the great tasting coffee, healthy muffins and the best hummus & grilled vegetables sandwich I ever tasted! Yes, this cafe isn’t just a secondary attachment to Boezenvriend, no it’s a place I would recommend to all people. And yes, it’s mostly visited by mothers (or fathers) with a baby or young child. It’s particularly great for that group of customers because you can totally relax. When a baby is crying, no one is looking annoyed because they all understand. Breastfeeding is only encouraged (and the women are still very discreet, covering their breast with a small blanket)

Boezemvriend Cafe Amsterdam

The Store
Here you can find all sorts of baby related stuff. From clothes, blankets, car seats, baby carriers to maternity wear. Labels are mostly organic and super stylish. It’s not cheap but the quality is very good so if you want to score a great baby present for you or a friend, Boezemvriend is a great option! 

Shop Boezemvriend

Who says that breastfeeding-friendly cafe’s can’t be cool? You can find me at this mummy hotspot from now on!

Overtoom 205, Amsterdam

020 471 27 29 



Heineken opens a bakery!

Heineken is the leader of the pack when it comes to beer but when they announced that they are going to open a bakery this month, we were a little surprised.

But actually it’s not such a crazy idea. Heineken isn’t the first that is using their yeast to created tasty bread. A couple of students created BrouwBrood, where they use the rest products of beer to create tasty buns. This way they avoid food waste and create a healthier bread.

Heineken opens a bakery

Heineken are using their so called “A-Gist” (yeast) to create this bread. In order to give it the best opportunity, they have asked master boulanger Mark Plaating to create the bread. Curious on how it will taste? You can try it yourself between the 18 -21 of March on the Vijzelgracht 37 in Amsterdam. Watch the video here:

Heineken Pop-Up Bakery
Vijzelstraat 37, Amsterdam
Open daily from 12 til 9pm

Did you know that you can drink beer made out of rainwater? This beer brewer did it!

Beer made out of rainwater

Koala Republic Amsterdam

Innovating seats, a Scandinavian and Japanese look plus healthy homemade food. Koala Republic has opened their doors on the Jan Evertsenstraat in Amsterdam West.

The Jan-Eef, as locals call it, is one of the most developing streets in Amsterdam at the moment. 5 years ago it may have looked a bit miserable, but once the Mercatorsquare was re-done, the rest of the neighborhood followed the example and new entrepreneurs saw the light. One by one, new shops and coffee bars started opening (like T’s where we love to drink our popcorn tea!)

Koala Republic
Innovating seats at Koala Republic

Koala Republic is one of those new hotspots and you may discovered it by chance because it’s a bit tucked away next to a döner shop and a jewelry store. We walked inside for a quick peek and immediately took note of the cool interior. There is a sky high table for 2 where you’ll need to climb the stairs, and there are seats with swings for your feet. You can also sit on the bright orange cushions, chill at the bar or grab a larger table in the back.

seats at Koala Republic
Where will you sit?

The food menu at Koala Republic is very healthy but far from being boring. Everything is homemade. From eggs to a Indonesian style chicken broth (Soto) and a corn tortilla wrap, they even serve healthy fries made from vegetables served with a wasabi mayonaise. Besides eating in, you can also buy some of their products like coffee and peanut butter. 

Menu Koala Republic

Go and check this new place out, even if it’s only to climb up those stairs and drink your coffee from a new perspective.

Koala Republic
Jan Everstenstraat 115, Amsterdam



Amsterdam Event Calendar for March 2017

Yes yes, we’ve seen the sunlight, the warm golden beams on our skins and it kinda feels like Spring! March is here and Amsterdam is done with early darkness. Besides the urge to go outside more often, Amsterdam is packed with cool events this month. Where will you go? This is our Amsterdam Event Calendar for March.

Watching the Stars at Artis
When? 4th of March at Artis

What? Watch the stars through a telescope and learn
Enjoy the stars up and close in the planetarium of Zoo Artis. Besides looking at the stars you can also design your own planet or visit one of the shows in the planetarium. Good to know; entrance is totally free! More info


Eventbrite Gentle Yoga Classes
When? Every Saturday throughout December, Lijnbaansgracht 173
What? Yoga classes organized by Expats Republic in Amsterdam
The man behind Expats in Amsterdam organized these gentle yoga classes for beginners as well as experienced practitioners that includes playful teamwork.  The class only cost 9 euro’s per lesson and are given by Anna Kushnir who has more than 10 years experience in this field. Bring comfy clothes and a mat (you can rent one for 1 euro) Check here for tickets and more info.

24H Oost
When? 11th of March in and around Amsterdam East
What? 24H Oost is the opportunity to enjoy the very best that Amsterdam Oost has to offer.
On the weekend of 11 March 2016, Amsterdam Oost takes centre stage for 24 hours! Head to the east of Amsterdam to enjoy a wealth of workshops, guided tours, performances, food and drink, music and parties. More info here.


Cocktail Week
6th – 12th of March
What? Learn about the art of cocktails in various locations
It’s the first time this event is being organized and from the 6th of March you can visit several bars where you can learn all about cocktails. Join a workshop, taste the best cocktails and meet the professionals Albert van Beeck Calkoen, Tess Posthumus, Timo Janse and Kevin Kroon. For more info check the Facebook Page.


Amsterdam Coffee Festival
When? 10h – 12th of March at Westergasfabriek
What? Coffee, Coffee and…Coffee!
It’s the 4th edition in Amsterdam for the Coffee Festival. Meet barista’s, drink specialty coffee, learn the trade and check out the latest coffee trends! Tickets are available here.



De IJHallen Fleamarket
When? 11th + 12th March, NDSM Werf
What? The biggest fleamarket in Amsterdam!
Last month we strolled around and found some cool items and vintage clothing so we can’t wait for this month! Pay 5 euro per person to get in. Kids pay 2 euro. Parking is free. Bring a warm coat because it can get chilly, even if the market is inside the large hall. Want to sell stuff? You can order a stall on the  Website.

Movie Night At The BijlmerBajes
When? 17th of March at the Bijlmerbajes 4pm – 9pm

What? Movies at Amsterdam’s most famous jails
The Bijlmerbajes cinema is organizing it’s first movie night in the former Bijlmerbajes/ Lola Lik. We are working with a cinema team of refugees that will be trained to program and host their own movie nights in the canteen of Lola Lik. Our partners are EYE Filmmuseum, IDFA, International Film Festival Rotterdam – IFFR and Taartrovers. More info on the Facebook page.

Free Yoga Class with Go With The Glow
When? 20th of March at the Roos (near Vondelpark)
What? Vegan sisters Machiné give a relaxing yoga class
Vegan hotties Isabella and Loulou Machiné are giving you a little preview on what’s to come during their Yoga Retreat in Bali this coming May. Starting at 7pm until 9.30pm you can enjoy an easy flow Vinyasa Yoga class, meditation and a short introduction about a vegan lifestyle. Sign up for the class by emailing the sisters via: More info here.



Amsterdam Wine Festival
When? 24th- 26th of March at Westergasfabriek

What? Taste, learn and buy wine!
An event by wine lover for wine lovers! Meet farmers and taste different wines and be inspired at the first edition of the Amsterdam Wine Festival. Tickets cost 12 euro and include a glass of wine!

Enjoy this March in Amsterdam! This calendar will be updated regularly so keep an eye out! 



Now open » Food Canteen Yumler

I live in Amsterdam New West and although this is outside the infamous “ring” road in Amsterdam, it is slowly becoming a place for new businesses, start ups and cool places. Last year De School and restaurant Bureau proved that New West is developing and the locals love it. This week it was time to add another name to the area and Yumler openend. Time to check out what this place is all about.

Eat In, Take Out & Delivery Concept
You can describe Yumler as a fancy/ hip & happening food canteen. It’s a 3.0 canteen version that is now situated in an old building that used to function as the gymnastic class from a technical University. The idea behind Yumler is that the food is good, healthy but reasonably priced. There is no table service but you order and pay at the bar where you can take your own drinks and sandwiches to your table. The concept was designed for the YOUNG URBAN CITIZEN that doesn’t always have the time for grocery shopping and cooking. You can eat in, take out or use the Yumler app to order your food and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Yumler Canteen

“Yumler  is not there for the ‘guilty pleasure’. We are here for all those other times in the week, when you want to eat healthy but do not have the time to cook. ” – Andras Caron, founder Yumler

Yumler is an idea from entrepreneurs Andras Caron (son of French chef Alain Caron and founder of big events like Valhalla and Amsterdam Open Air) and Jan Willem van der Kuip (co-founder of the Vondel Gym). Their inspiration comes from chefs like Yotam Ottolenghi, Donna Hay en Jamie Oliver. A lot of variation, low key, tasty and affordable. The most expensive dish on the menu is €12,-. The menu will change on a weekly basis and the dishes are nutritious and healthy. 

Sandwiches and wraps at Yumler Amsterdam
Grab a tofu wrap or a chicken curry sandwich

Yumler food
Yumler Food. Picture by Yumler

yumler interior

We really love the interior which features a lot of green combined with trendy lights, steel furniture that will make this canteen look slick yet cozy. Andras Caron told us that they will also use the space to host parties and Friday after work drinks. And even better, they have a huge terrace that will open as soon as the sun is out. We can’t wait for the app to be live so I, Elke can finally order some decent food even though I do not live inside “The Ring” of Amsterdam.

Jan Evertsenstraat 747, Amsterdam
Open 7 days per week from 10.00 till 22.00 and in the weekend till 00.00.



Amsterdam Brewer Creates Beer Out Of Rainwater

When Amsterdam brewer the Prael released their rainy beer Code Blond earlier this year, they could only hope it was going to be a succes. Well, it was such a success that the Prael decided to switch their beer production process entirely on rainwater.

So how does it work?
Brewing beer with rainwater is sustainable and solves the problem people have with flooding of rooftops. Something that Amsterdam can have a problem with from time to time. For 1000 liter beer made out of rain, they need 1200 liter rainwater. The water is then being filtered to make sure all bacteria are eliminated. 

Beer out of rainwater
Cheers to beer out of rainwater! 

Brewing beer out of rainwater isn’t so new as you may think. Back in the middle ages Dutch brewers settled themselves next to churches and cathedrals to catch the rainwater from the rooftops. People preferred to drink beer because it was cleaner than water in that time. ” When people actually tasted their previously released Code Blond beer, they said it tasted softer and even sweeter. People really liked it, ” says Joris Hoebe, the person who came up with the initiative. 

The brewery will get a second location in the Houthavens in Amsterdam.  In order to realize their ambitious plan this second location is needed so that they can collect 200 thousand liters of rainwater to brew enough beer.

We are looking forward to it and hope that more beer brewers follow this great example!



10 x Valentine’s Day Ideas in Amsterdam

Whether you’re in love, in a romantic relationship, or still wondering where your big love is wandering around, Valentine’s Day should be for everyone! We’ve selected 10 things you can do on Valentines Day! Some for singles, some for lovers, some for all! These are our Valentine’s Ideas in Amsterdam.

1. Get Married for 1 Day!
At Wed and Walk you can get married for one day! Ok, it’s just for fun but you get a dress, suit and a picture to prove it! Maybe this is a good try out with your love to hence the feeling before the real big deal.. Cost are €75,- which includes a wedding picture and rings to remember the big day!

Wed and walk Valentine's Day Ideas in Amsterdam

2. Valentines Movie Classics at the Concert Hall
You don’t need to be a huge fan of classical music to go here because everybody loves a good romantic movie soundtrack! On This special night, the Concert Hall in Amsterdam will play the film music such as Titantic, Sleeping Beauty, When Harry met Sally and West Side Story. Book the last ticket here

3. Valentine’s Vegan Pop Up Dinner
They describe the menu as a sensual culinary extravaganza. Foods that melt in your mouth, that crisp between your teeth and overwhelm your mouth palette with an explosion of tastes and disappear soon after. And yes, no animal products will be used. Are you all about trying something different or are you trying to impress your lover by being as sustainable as possible? This is the valentine dinner for you! Cost are 45 euro’s for a 4-course menu and the location will be at WEST SIDE slotermeer, Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125. Reserve your table here.

Valentine's pop up dinner Amsterdam

4. Nightcare & Skatecafé present: This ain’t no ordinary Valentine
Forget all of that sticky, old-fashioned Valentine’s Day stuff and join us for a night filled with the best live music and delicious food! This event is great for everyone, single or not. The Skate Cafe is situated in Amsterdam North and such a cool location to spent your Valentine’s Day! Experience a tasty walking dinner with influences from around the globe, prepared by local chefs. The music will be variety of soul, funk & hiphop acts and the finest disco DJ’s to set the mood for the early hours. For more info and tickets, check the Facebook Event page.

5. Order Custom Made Love Cookies
If you want to be original you should check this website out! Here you can order custom made cookies for your love, painted by order! Mind you, it’s a busy time so order well in advance if you want this before Valentines Day! We had our own Wander-Lust cookies made and even though were too pretty to eat, they tasted damn good!

Picture via Eat My Art

6. Rock The Boat Valentine’s Special
Another cool party for the single peeps out there! Event collective Rock The Boat is throwing a Valentine’s bash in the vibrant center of Amsterdam on the 11th of February. DJ’s playing will be Full Crate, Lee, PimPim and more. Expect slowdancing and floorfillers. Doors open at 11pm and tickets cost €12,50 at the door. Facebook

7. Lovers in the Sky at Floor 17
Last month you could enjoy 20’s music, classic cocktails and a surprise menu at the top floor of Hotel Ramada. Wander-Lust was there and it was a lot of fun! Floor 17 is planning to host more parties like these and every time there will be a different theme that will take you back to the good old days. This time they will throw a Valentine’s party so get your best outfit ready! Tickets cost 87 euro’s and include a Valentine’s dinner, and a welcomes cocktail. Buy your tickets here.

Floor 17 Valentines dinner

8. Eat in the Dark at CTaste
Test your taste buds and eat in the dark! Upon arrival, diners are instructed to leave any light sources in lockers, so they can feel and taste their way through a three-course menu served by highly-trained blind (or partially-sighted) servers. We think this is an extra nice touch! The chef will offer foods that will make you talk about it so no need to worry about those awkward silence moments if it’s your first date! For more info visit

9. Vleeskeuring at Roest
This is for singles looking for love. Wanna play real life tinder, happn or Grindr? This is your night. Entree is free (why pay for love right?) but if you want to enjoy a dinner beforehand, you can reserve a table via For more info check the Facebook Page.

10. Enjoy a Luxury High Tea
For all the best high tea spots, you’re good in Amsterdam. We’ve selected 6 of our favorite places that you can visit with your loved one of friends!

High Tea in Amsterdam

We wish you a week full of love!


Amsterdam Event Calendar for February 2017

Hello February! Lot’s of markets, dinner and other cool events this month, enjoy!

Thuishaven Wintercircus
When? 26th of February at Contactweg 68

What? Techno in a tent
This edition will be pretty awesome because Joris Voorn is the headliner this Sunday. Other DJ’s are Ici Sans Merci and Tim Engelhardt. Tickets are sold out but always last minute available if you check on their FB Page.

Secret Rooms at Volkshotel
When? 26th of February at the Volkshotel
What? A Theatre Festival inside the Volkshotel
Once a year, Volkshotel transforms into one big stage where bright, new theatre makers go wild. Expect a festival where you might bump into a little band in the elevator, join a theater-genius in an intimate hotel room or get lost in the smokey basement. Tickets are between €7,50 and €12,50 per show. Available online at


The Morning at ZOKU
When? 26h of February at ZOKU
What? Winter wellness
On the 26th of February we once again invite you to join us for The Morning, a new breakfast experience where locals, travellers and other like-minded folks meet over a delicious three course breakfast. After the sell-out first edition at The Hoxton, The Morning crew will prepare another epic feast, this time at the stunning Zoku Amsterdam. Ticket are 20 euro and include three courses, one juice, unlimited coffee, tea and water.


Go With The Glow Pop-Up Restaurant
When? 27th of February at Thirty5ive Wine & Foodbar

What? Meatless Monday has never been so sexy
You may have heard of the Go With The Glow girls before. These sexy vegans are hosting a pop-up vegan lunch every month and this time they have a pop-up restaurant at Thirthy5ive wine & food bar. Enjoy the choice of 2 juice vegan burgers including salad and wedges, made by ROOTS. Add a ice cold beer and you will never miss meat again! (at least on Monday!) To order your spot for 20 euro, visit the Facebook Page.


Club Crescendo Pop Up
24th of February, Stadhouderskade 5
What? Good Italian food with friends
The Amsterdam event venue People’s Place organized in the months of February, March and April, a three-piece pop-up evening dinner – dance style: Club Crescendo. An Italian menu with amazing wine, live music and a DJ at 10pm. The Pop-Up will be there on the 24th of Feb, 24th of March and the 21st of April. Do you want to join this exclusive Italian feast? Send an email to to reserve your table! For more info go to their website.

Enjoy this February in Amsterdam! 



5 x New Hotspots in Amsterdam for January

I compare Amsterdam to New York and London sometimes because there are so many new places that open up these days, it’s almost impossible to keep track of. Here are 5 new hotspots in Amsterdam that are all open or opening this month!

Sticky Fingers
Coffee, cakes and bites and it’s as simple as that. Sticky Fingers is a place where you will run into a lot of bloggers because it’s very Instagramable. (is that a word?) It’s new on the Amstelveenseweg near the famous Vondelpark so perfect for a break after a walk. The interior is pretty cool because they have a white wall where they molded in some recycled furniture. Amsteveenseweg 3, Amsterdam,

Sticky Fingers Amsterdam

Stach at the Overtoom
Stach is a wonderful food and drink store with several franchises around the city but a few days ago they’ve opened a new store on the Overtoom. They will prepare different kinds of healthy foods like  Poke Bowls, Poke Salads, Sushi, Sushi salads, Springrolls and Vietnamese streetfood. Besides all that, they also sell lot’s of ingredients, ready to go meals, chocolate, cookies, healthy bars, coffee and more. I’m glad this store is closer to my home now and I will visit them soon! Overtoom 112, Amsterdam, Facebook

Stach Overtoom Amsterdam
Stach Overtoom has a cute little seating area too!

Source: Stach Facebook

Lavinia 2
Another very tasty and healthy hotspot that we love! Lavinia 2 is also located on the Amstelveenseweg (new hotspots in Amsterdam galore here?) but a bit closer towards Hoofddorpplein. Lavinia is serving homemade meals and cakes that are all organic. They offer catering and attract all sorts of people that a a little conscious about their health. Like the first Lavinia in the Kerkstraat, you can hire the place for private events in the evening and they also host a number of events. Amstelveenseweg 192, Amsterdam, Website


Libertine Cafe Cafe
Another trick out of box of the biggest food and drink entrepreneur in Amsterdam; Casper Reinders. He recently also opened restaurants Bo Nam and Blue Boy and he just added Libertine Cafe Cafe. They describe themselves as “a place for locals and wanderers alike”. Sounds like us! Situated in central Amsterdam’s 9 streets, it’s a perfect location to say the least. Come here for all day breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. Wolvenstraat 22, Amsterdam, Facebook

De Biertuin Prinsengracht
A beer garden in the middle of Amsterdam? Yep, it’s happening. Well, it’s a second location but the first one was in East so a bit far for some residents and visitors. This one is located on the spot where BoCinq used to be. It’s near the Leidsestreet so very easy to reach. They will serve a lot of beers, burgers (also veggie), sausages, salads, chips if you have to believe it, a great atmosfeer! They will open this month is all preparations go to plan. Prinsengracht 494, Amsterdam, Facebook



There you go, 5 x fresh and new hotspots in Amsterdam you can visit this month!



Amsterdam Event Calendar for January 2017

Happy New Year Wanderers all over the world! Yes, it’s a brand new year and a brand new month! January is a bit slower than previous months when it comes to events but we still managed to pick some good ones! Here is the Amsterdam Event Calendar for January 2017.

Little Italy
When? 27th & 29th of January at Westerunie

What? Everything surrounding Italy! Travel, food, music and more.
Follow workshops, stroll over the Italian food market, enjoy entertainment and feel like your in Italy! Buy your tickets for €12,50 online or 15 euro at the door. Website

Little Italy

Floor 17 Twenties Party
When? 27th of January, Floor 17, Ramada Hotel
What? Enjoy food and music like your in the twenties!
Enjoy 20’s music, classic cocktails and a surprise menu at this party that will take you back in time. Floor 17 is planning to host more parties like these and every time there will be a different theme that will take you back to the good old days. Yes, there will be a dresscode so get your outfit ready! Tickets cost 87 euro’s and include dinner, roulette fiches and welcomes cocktail. Buy your tickets here.

girls 20's party floor 17

Ice Sculpture Festival
When? Until the 5th of February, Arena Park
What? Beautiful Ice Sculptures
From an icy Elvis to disco music inspired sculptures, you can see it at the Ice Sculpture Festival in Amsterdam this year. Tickets are €16,50,-

Ice Sculpture Festival
Ice Ice baby

Fashion Week Amsterdam
When? 26th + 28th of January
What? The best and newest in Dutch Fashion
The Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam struts the streets every January and July. In its January edition, this renowned fashion event will once again bring together the cream of the international scene while also reaching out to the general public. Website

Chinese New Year
When? 28th of January but runs until the 2nd of February
What? Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Amsterdam
Festivities traditionally take place on Amsterdam’s Dam Square and around the historic Nieuwemarkt/Zeedijk neighborhood. Here you can expect firecrackers and traditional dances. This year it’s the year of the rooster! 


De IJHallen Fleamarket
When? 28th + 29th of January, NDSM Werf
What? The biggest fleamarket in Amsterdam!
Last month we strolled around and found some cool items and vintage clothing so we can’t wait for this month! Pay 5 euro per person to get in. Kids pay 2 euro. Parking is free. Bring a warm coat because it can get chilly, even if the market is inside the large hall. Want to sell stuff? You can order a stall on the  Website.

Enjoy January!