Vegan friendly » BarTack in Amsterdam West

Oh how I love Amsterdam West. I can’t get enough of it and it may has to do with the fact that I live there. Well, I live in Amsterdam New West (yes boys and girls, that’s outside the center of Amsterdam). But I also love it because it’s fast developing. Since I have a baby, I walk around a lot more instead of using my bicycle and by doing so, I discover new shops, restaurants and coffee bars. This is also how I discovered Bartack.

You may have heard of Bar Spek on the Admiraal De Ruyterweg in Amsterdam West. Well, they are the same owners of Bartack, so when I walked past the other day I had to check it out. The look of Bartack is industrial combined with a little touch of vintage. Round tables, mixed with some big lounge chairs and small stools. The space is not wide but long with the kitchen in the back (or front, depending on which way you are entering)

Interior Bartack

The Menu
They are open for breakfast from 8am (go for the fluffy pancakes!), up to lunch and dinner. I noticed that the menu offers a lot of vegan options, something you see more and more of in Amsterdam. I love plant based foods so I was happy to see this. From soup to salads or a variety of filled pita breads, I decided to go for the vegan falafel with coleslaw and tajine saus. The open kitchen is always good news and this dish didn’t disappoint me al all! (yummie!) Oh, and another important note; the coffee is great! Yup, bad coffee will turn me off completely and that would have been a shame.

Falafel at Bartack

Add this one to your hotspot list!

Postjesweg 124, Amsterdam



Body Sugaring, and why we love this new trend

I am all for trying new things and when it comes to getting my skin smooth and ready for a holiday, I’m first in line. So when I got invited to try a Body Sugaring treatment, I thought it would involve eating something sweet because then hell yeah, count me in! Nope, this was a new waxing method and I was going to test it at Amsterdam based salon Sweet & Smooth.

sweet_smooth_ body sugaring

The Sweet & Smooth salon is situated in Amsterdam West, near Mercatorsquare. This is somewhat surprising because you would expect that most award winning salons are based near the city center. Yes, you’ve read it correctly, Sweet & Smooth is award winning. It’s officially the best waxing salon of The Netherlands, voted by Treatwell customers. When entering the salon I noticed that it’s quite small and it doesn’t look like your typical beautysalon. Owner Nicoleta tells me: “I don’t like those hospital white walls and floors, I’m a retro kind of girl who likes jazz and authenticity.” She immediately makes me feel comfortable, something that is quite nice before you’re about to experience something rather unpleasant. Nicoleta explains that sugaring is already popular in Scandinavian countries as well as in Eastern Europe. 

Sweet & Smooth Salon Amsterdam
Proud and well deserved, Nicoleta with her award

So What Is Sugaring?
Sugaring might be new to you but it’s an acient Egyptian beauty method used all over the world, including Europe. The natural ingredients (sugar and lime) are kind to your skin and less painful. The difference to waxing with strips is that the body sugaring paste will be applied against the direction of the hair growth, but the hair will be removed in the direction of the hair growth. The result is that hair almost never breaks, it reduces ingrown hair. So back at my treatment. Nicoleta grabs a lump of warm sugar and twists and turns it before rubbing it onto my skin. She is using the same sugar for my entire treatment and adds some new sugar now and then to keep it warm and smooth. I’m realizing that this sugaring is quite sustainable as you don’t need any waxing strips and a lot of wax. That’s a bonus!


It’s not completely painless (let’s be real girls) but the Treatwell voters didn’t lie, it’s seriously a lot less painful than any other hair removal treatments I’ve experienced! And I have to admit that my skin feels all mighty soft without a trace of a rash. And even after a few days, my skin feels like it has had a much needed peel. This sugaring is definitely something I can get used to, especially when it’s time to wear that bikini again. This salon might be smaller and less luxurious than you might be used to, this treatment combined with Nicoleta’s comfortable service is definitely worth coming for.

Sweet & Smooth is available for bookings via Treatwell.
Hondiusstraat 10HS, Amsterdam



Koala Republic Amsterdam

Innovating seats, a Scandinavian and Japanese look plus healthy homemade food. Koala Republic has opened their doors on the Jan Evertsenstraat in Amsterdam West.

The Jan-Eef, as locals call it, is one of the most developing streets in Amsterdam at the moment. 5 years ago it may have looked a bit miserable, but once the Mercatorsquare was re-done, the rest of the neighborhood followed the example and new entrepreneurs saw the light. One by one, new shops and coffee bars started opening (like T’s where we love to drink our popcorn tea!)

Koala Republic
Innovating seats at Koala Republic

Koala Republic is one of those new hotspots and you may discovered it by chance because it’s a bit tucked away next to a döner shop and a jewelry store. We walked inside for a quick peek and immediately took note of the cool interior. There is a sky high table for 2 where you’ll need to climb the stairs, and there are seats with swings for your feet. You can also sit on the bright orange cushions, chill at the bar or grab a larger table in the back.

seats at Koala Republic
Where will you sit?

The food menu at Koala Republic is very healthy but far from being boring. Everything is homemade. From eggs to a Indonesian style chicken broth (Soto) and a corn tortilla wrap, they even serve healthy fries made from vegetables served with a wasabi mayonaise. Besides eating in, you can also buy some of their products like coffee and peanut butter. 

Menu Koala Republic

Go and check this new place out, even if it’s only to climb up those stairs and drink your coffee from a new perspective.

Koala Republic
Jan Everstenstraat 115, Amsterdam



Falafel galore at hotspot Bar Kaufmann

If you’re a vegetarian you’re going to be very happy with this hotspot but wait, who am I kidding? Even if you’re not, you’re going to love love love this place! A little hidden in a side street in Amsterdam West, Bar Kaufmann is great for food lovers all over Amsterdam.

The name might confuse you a little bit at first because it doesn’t really sounds like a restaurant that serves falafel but it’s actually the last name of owner Saskia Kaufmann. She decided to collaborate with Iranian chef Azar that she met during her time at food concept Van Ver. She was tipped by a friend to start a falafel bar and Miss Kaufmann listened. 

On the Menu
Falafel! Of course, but many many options! Sarah and I tried the original falafel in a pita because we were really hungry. Sarah chose the Pita Falafel with Feta cheese while I picked the Pita Falafel with spicy green peppers and pickles. Both pita’s have a lovely tasting Tzatziki inside and the pita itself was so crunchy! You can order a side order of tasty fries or go for the healthy option and order the sweet potato fries.

Pita Falafel at Bar Kaufmann
Our Pita’s Falafel at Bar Kaufmann

If a full on pita falafel is a bit too much, Bar Kaufmann also has 2 great falafel salads on the menu. We also really love the interior, it’s cozy, trendy and has some interesting art on the walls. (check it for yourself) Besides the food, they have a wide selection of beers to choose from and during the weekend they open until 3am so this calls for an invite! 




Bar Kaufmann
Reinier Claeszenstraat 4B H, Amsterdam

Tel 020-8461606 / Website
*Header photo source: Facebook Bar Kaufmann

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Looiedet Coffee & Toast in Amsterdam New West

I live outside the “ring” in Amsterdam which means I don’t live in the center but this doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do around here! I live in Amsterdam new west and I’m happily surprised to see new cafe’s, restaurants and shops opening up by the month. So has Looiedet Coffee & Toast.

Even though they’ve been open for weeks now, I had never heard from this cool lunchroom yet. It all started with the motorcycle lessons school. They used the space to fix bikes and it quickly became a hangout for friends, family and acquaintances. So why not expand right? The result was a place to book your motorcycle lessons, a barbershop, a vintage bike store and a coffee/lunch bar. The perfect combination for people on the go that enjoy coffee and a simple but tasty meal. On the menu you can choose out of 15 different toasts from mozzarella with pesto to banana and nutella.

Looiedet Coffee & Toast
The original toasts as we know it

Looiedet Coffee & Toast recently invested in the king of coffee machines and even held a party to celebrate it. The Sanremo Opera is the best technical coffee machine out there and you can really taste the purity of the beans after it’s roasted and pressed into your cup. The only downside is that they don’t serve soy milk so that’s a shame for the peeps that have an intolerance to milk. Maybe this is a sneaky hint..? Besides coffee they also serve delicious leaf tea’s and with that the occasional cakes or scones.

Looiedet Coffee & Toast
The king of the coffee machines is ready for you!

The building has a very nice industrial look and feel and looks like a place where hip Amsterdam would normally sit. However, the owner told me: “we like to keep this place low key and gain customers by word of mouth. Bike lovers, men with beards and people who enjoy good coffee and a killer toasty are at the right address here. “Everything we serve is Halal too so whether you own a bike or not, everybody is welcome!” In the store you will find jeans, shirts and cool vintage biker stuff while upstairs the men can get their  beard pimped. If you’re an early bird, you can get a coffee for just 2 euros until 10am.

Barber shop Looiedet
Hair did. Beard did.

For me it’s just around the corner but even if you’re not in the neighborhood, this place is definitely worth the extra bicycle (or motorcycle) ride!

Looiedet Coffee & Toast
Burgemeester Rendorpstraat 11-15, Amsterdam
Tel: 020 411 6688 / Opening hours: 9am – 6pm Mon – Sun



The School » Amsterdam’s new hottest club

Exactly one year ago, the famous club Trouw closed it’s doors in Amsterdam.
The Trouw was a place that had a solid fan base of techno music lovers from all over the world. The worlds best DJ’s played there and it was one of the only clubs I would stand in line for longer than 45 minutes. So when it closed, people didn’t really had another club to fall back on with the same allure.
Until now. The School (De School) has opened it’s doors yesterday with an opening party starting at 9pm tonight.

Club Trouw was a club with a solid Techno fanbase (Source:

“New Kid The School is suppose to close the hole left behind. Will it live up to its expectations?”

De School Amsterdam
The toilet area at The School (source: De School Instargram)

Situated in Amsterdam West, The school is not just a club but also a Cafe, Restaurant and Gym. 
The restaurant is open 5 days a week and you can choose between a 3, 5 or 7 course meal starting from 35 euro’s per head. We still need to test the food but it’s already cool idea to be eating in an old school building with perfectly set tables and candlelight.
If you feel like signing up to a healthier lifestyle, you can join the oldskool gym (build in the 60’s)  for several group lessons like yoga, boxing or kickboxing.
They are really bringing an old building back to life in a cool kinda way.

The School Gym
Get your boxing skills up to speed at “het Gymlokaal”  (source: De School Instargram)

The club already has an impressive line up on their program that includes the likes of Seth Troxler, Job Jobse, Barnt & Cinnaman and Makkam.
These Techno heroes will have to make this new club into something people are going to talk about in the next coming 5 years. That’s the amount of time the club will exist for (until further notice). Together with the industrial ambiance, The School is set to bring something fresh to the Amsterdam’s clubbing scene.
Check here for the full club program or their Facebook Page for news.

De School
Dr. Jan van Breemenstraat 1
1056 AB Amsterdam