5 Misconceptions About Being A Flight Attendant

Ever since I was a little kid my dream was to travel the world as a flight attendant. It’s a job that provides the possibility to travel frequently and meet new people from all over the world. When the opportunity arose, applying for this job was the only right thing to do. So I took the plunge and made a 180 degree life change. After a long and exciting selection process, a ‘new way of life’ was born. Different than you may think, the life of a flight attendant is not only about adventure, glamour, luxury or a romance with the captain. There are plenty of misconceptions and a lot of things you might not know. It’s time to bring you back to reality!


1. You need to be fit and ready
Passenger safety is the most important role for a flight attendant. Rule number one is to be fit to work, so no alcohol is allowed 10 hours prior to our duty. We have to go trough 4 weeks of training and a re-qualification every year. The exams are extremely stressful and concerns flight safety, self-defense and first aid. Floating trough the aisle serving coffee and tea is much further down the list of the responsibilities of a flight attendant.

Let’s get one thing out in the open, I have never dated a pilot.

2. We are not all dating a pilot
A typical day starts with packing my suitcase, applying basic make-up, putting my hair up and wearing my clean and shiny blue uniform with pride. There’s only one thing to add: a brilliant smile! When scheduled on early flights I meet my colleagues at the airport around 6am. On standard European flights the crew consist of a captain, first officer and two flight attendants. Once I’ve met my colleagues for the day it’s time to head to the briefing room to prepare and discuss the flights for the next few days. It’s always magical to experience how four strangers become such a strong and reliable team within a few minutes after getting to know each other. I really appreciate the colleagues I have to work with but let’s get one thing out in the open, I have never dated a pilot. To be honest.. Since the day I started working as a flight attendant, I’ve never witnessed any love bloom between any of the crew. Of course this is an illusion and I’m pretty sure there will be colleagues who secretly hook up during a layover. It’s really not all that different from other jobs.


3. Being a flight attendant can be far from glamorous
A lot of passengers think flight attendants are responsible for everything om board. They do have a point. Unfortunately lifting hand luggage in the overhead bin is not part of our job. We are not all cross fit athletes. When passengers assume that their trolley is way to heavy to lift, they call the flight attendant to stow it. I’ll give them a friendly smile and i’m begging them to stop traveling with carry-on bags they can’t handle. I quietly whisper: “If you can’t sling it, don’t bring it.” The average duration of a flight is less then one hour. Within this time we have to offer a full service to a maximum of one-hundred passengers. There is not much time left for chatting in the galley or hanging out in the cockpit. The job is far from glamorous and the workload can be very high some days. As a flight attendant you’re working your ‘but off’ whilst being patient, putting effort in your work and providing a smile from ear to ear.

4. Layovers are often short
After three or four flights we arrive on our final destination for that day, somewhere in Europe. We quickly grab our suitcases and catch the taxi to bring us to our temporary ‘home’ for the night. The hotels are brilliant and often located close to the city and equipped with a gym and sauna. We receive a daily allowance to spend on food and other sundries. The company is doing their best to create the optimum conditions. Most layovers are short, and you barely have time to spend the money. After a 10-hour shift most of the crew will decide to go for a nap or chill out at the hotel. If there’s some energy and time left, we’ll go on a local excursion, have a few drinks in town or visiting some other places of interest. Luckily I am an high-energy person! I like wandering on my own and visit places I haven’t seen before. Hiking trough the beautiful nature of Norway was one of my best experiences. The moments I’m making unforgettable memories it is hard to believe this is actually part of the job. The wake-up call at 4am quickly brings me back to reality as a new day of work is ahead with an early flight back to Amsterdam!


5. The life of a flight attendant can be very lonely
The life of a flight attendant is not only about glitter and glamour. It’s way more then that. The long shifts, delays and difficulties on board with demanding passengers can be a real challenge. Beside this it is not easy to organize your social life when you’re abroad 4 nights in a row. The life of a flight attendant can be very lonely. You basically live out of a suitcase, miss your best friends birthday, skip your favorite festival and spend less quality time with your family.

Let me end this story by saying that I do love my job and I am very proud to live the ‘dream’ of a flight attendant! Especially when you realize only a few of those who applied actually got hired. The lovely colleagues, friendly passengers and the wonderful destinations are the reason this job is given me so much energy. Since I started as a flight attendant I experienced the amazing continent we live in. Instead of watching television or doing the laundry at home, I spend my spare time having diner outdoors and enjoying the facilities and luxury of a 5 star hotel.

If you focus on the load of experiences you get trough this way of life, it’s a real privilege to be a flight attendant!



*Amber is one of our new guest editors from the Netherlands who loves her job as a flight attendant! She’s always on the run searching for the best hotspots in Europe. In her spare time she likes to discover the best hotspots of Utrecht. You can expect an article from her once a month! You can follow her adventures on Instagram or visit her dutch blog on www.amberontdekt.nl!

Always wondered how turbulence works? Check out this video!

The International Firework Festival we think you should see

The International Fireworks Festival in Scheveningen 2017 gives a new definition to firework. Eight different countries such as China, France, The Netherlands and last year’s winner Spain, compete with each other and throw everything in the battle to be the very best. But, only one can be the winner, chosen by an experienced jury and welcomed by a beach full of enthusiasts. 

The fireworks are lit from a floating platform, 275 meters from Scheveningen beach, so the view is magnificent from the entire boulevard and beach. 

This is why you should to go
Normally I have to wait for fireworks untill New Years Eve, while freezing to death and feeling nauseous from an oliebollen overdose. (Try this Dutch traditional snack if you get the chance but don’t have more than 3!) I still remember the days that I wasn’t even old enough to light my own firework and just stared astonished at the colours going op in flames, high in the black sky. Meanwhile, I have already seen fireworks a million times. Well… 25 New Years Eves to be exactly. Slight difference: I’m now usually more focused on the the sparkles in the champagne than the ones in the sky.

International Fireworks Festival

The art of the International Fireworks Festival has completely changed the way I feel about fireworks. I saw the opening show on Friday the 11th of August and I was truly stunned by the way this sky art is made with rockets, colours, fire and sparkling shapes. I had goosebumps all over my body while watching the show from the Kurhaus balcony. Yet, this time the goosebumps weren’t caused by the temperature. For 10 minutes I could shout out nothing but sounds of excitement. The festival set the sky on fire and seemed to stop the time. There is no way I could explain the way it looks, because the words just wouldn’t do it justice. You’ll just have to check this one out yourself.


Tip: If you want to add a little bit more sparkle to the show, book the Fireworks Festival Waves Package at Kurhaus. The view from the luxurious balcony is stunning and enables you to enjoy the thrilling show while enjoying a three-course dinner. Food and fireworks, what’s not to like?

The International Fireworks Festival is held on August 18th with the final on the 19th. Watching this spectacle is free!

Check the website for more info.



Het Amsterdamse Terrassen Festival is coming!

If you know one thing about Amsterdam, it’s that people love to sit outside whenever they can. When the first rays of sunlight appear, you will see outside terraces in each part of the city. To celebrate the end of an already fantastic terrace season, several cafe’s and restaurants are joining forces and will transform into the largest outside terrace at the Amsterdam Terrace Festival! (Amsterdamse Terrassen Festival)

Amsterdam terrace festival

From East to West and North to South, you can expect them all!

On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September you will be able to find around 20 different cafe’s and restaurants at the festival, all with their own specialty and allure. It’s being organised by the same people behind popular party starters Het Amsterdams Verbond and Bevrijdingsfestival so these guys know what to do to create a successful festival with all elements. Some of the participants are ROEST, Brandstof, Terpentijn X JAJEM, ‘T Blauwe Theehuis and Het Paardje. From East to West and North to South, you can expect them all! Some of them will host a bar whilst others highlight their food.

Besides the drinks and food, there will also be some entertainment such as Karaoke from Duke of Tokyo, Silent Disco by Vondel Disco and DJ’s. There will be an ongoing competition where they can win the titel for best terrace, best bar host (men and female) and best served beer. (very important of course ;-))

Oh and one more thing, the entrance is totally free! Who will join us in September?? (and celebrate Elke’s birthday :-))

Het Amsterdamse Terrassen Festival
1 – 3 September in Oosterpark



5 x Travel YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

YouTube is freakin’ booming and is taking over laptops and screens around the world to inspire young and older generations. Travelers are not just looking on websites anymore, but search for information by checking inspirational video’s from travel vloggers on YouTube. We selected 5 Travel YouTube Channels (and a nice bonus!) for you to subscribe to.

1. Brooke Saward – World of Wanderlust
This Australian cutie is an inspiration for many young women who have a dream. Brooke packed her bags and left everything behind to travel the world. While she did, she started blogging about it and documented everything. Before she even realized it, she became one of the biggest travel bloggers in the world. She started her YouTube Channel a little while after her blogging succes and she gives you tips, travel hacks, personal experiences and her sweet but funny personality really makes you fall in love with this girl. She is taking things a bit slower nowadays as she realized, life is not just about large numbers and being the best in everything. She is more selective about her press trips and wants to be at home more where she started her own bakery recently. https://www.youtube.com/user/brookehaute

World of Wanderlust Travel YouTube Channels

2. Angie Lal – Travel In Her Shoes
She’s a Polish born, Australian educated, Los Angeles based adventure traveler, writer, blogger and photographer. Her Instagram account is already to die for and she decided to focus more on YouTube since a couple of months and things are going fast! Be inspired by the amazing locations she visits and her beautiful sense of style. This girl will take you around the world! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8_L-xSXL3GO2k-FMqmXeZw


3. VagaBrothers
We met these crazy bro’s at the TBEX conference in Sweden last year where they gave a seminar about YouTube. They are very savvy with anything to do with video and montage (award winning actually!). They are on a mission to explore the planet by connecting with other young people and inspiring viewers to do the same. And they have! Besides being cute, they are pretty funny too! Check out their cool video’s here: https://www.youtube.com/user/vagabrothers/featured

4. FunForLouis – Louis
He is the biggest travel YouTuber in the world right now and well deserved! He started his channel 6 years ago and gained his subscribers before YouTube was a hype like it’s nowadays. Once he grew an audience, he could focus more on content and adventure. Yes, adventure is Louis middle name! Watch video’s how he’s flying a tiny plane, joining coffee ceremonies, visiting the Hobbit house in New Zealand or riding on the roof of a car. He’s done it all and he is taking you along with the ride. Louis is not the guy who started his YouTube Channel for the views, no he really loves to travel and has stayed humble throughout this big adventure. https://www.youtube.com/user/FunForLouis/featured

5. Hey Nadine – Nadine Sykora
She’s positive, funny, quirky and successful. This is Nadine Sykora. She is posting 2 video’s per week (how on earth does she do it??) and has a lot of travel tips and advice. She does the traditional Q&A’s but it’s never boring. Besides travel she also creates beauty, fashion and comedy video’s. Check her out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/nayders07


Bonus: Wander-Lust
Eh well, we need to give ourselves a little self promotion right? ;-) We are waaay behind on YouTube but this will change shortly! We will start to post new video’s soon where we will continue to take you along on our adventures and we are also planning on sharing some inside travel tips. We have to admit that we are not really too keen about vlogging because we can’t imagine that you will find our lives interesting enough that we feel the need to share our every move. BUT, please let us know what you would like to see and we will brainstorm about it. And eh..you can start helping us by subscribing to our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfNCgBBEAs7_ClfgZm1LQNA



Check out our favorite Travel Instagram accounts here!


Support the human rights of women in Bolivia

At Wander-Lust we get to travel to the most amazing places and experience various cool press trips. But life is not all about Instagram pictures by the pool. At Wander-Lust it’s also about giving back. To mother nature, to society and to the countries we visit.

Giving back is key! 
One of our first charity projects will be in Bolivia. On the 2nd of March,
Wander-Lusty Sarah will be joined by Fat Kids Cake Co-founder and photographer Ilsoo van Dijk for a charity project in Bolivia. This project, by the organization “Mensen met een missie” supports the human rights of women in Bolivia. We need your support too!


Violence against women is becoming a huge problem in the Bolivian society. Seven out of ten women are dealing with physical or sexual abuse. Although Bolivia implemented a law back in 2012 that has to protect women from violence, in practice there is not much of a change. “Mensen met een Missie” from the Netherlands supports young people and victims in Bolivia.  They offer psychological, social and legal support for victims and they lobby actively at both local and national authorities.

We will travel around Bolivia for 2.5 weeks  to see how they work and to talk to the victims. We will write about our experiences during this trip and we will share our stories with you in the hope that also you will subscribe some day as volunteer or donate money to support “Mensen Met een Missie”.

We made a video with our friends!

Video by: Laurens Smit

To find more information about this project or to make a donation, please click here

Thank you!

(S.O. too everyone who helped us!)



Travel to Zurich in style with SWISS

My first media trip for Wander-Lust was a fact. The destination to discover: Zurich! I never really had this city in my top 10 bucket list, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t worth exploring. Time to give it a try with SWISS!

Book a budget proof ticket with SWISS
So last week I tested the airline SWISS and flew to Zurich – two days, one night. Yehesss, I felt like a lucky bastard. Some nice to know facts of SWISS: They fly four times a day from Schiphol to Zurich and a retour economy class ticket only costs €129,- (incl. taxes and fees). For an airline with so much comfort and good service, I think this is a very good price to pay. Despite the fact I have wanderlust, flying is not my cup of tea but that didn’t spoil the fun. During my first flight with this airline I noticed that the service and seats were really Swiss style and definitely worth repeating. Small side note: the cold croissant has some room for improvement, but the Swiss chocolate was de-li-ci-ous!

Did you know that Swiss is part of the Lufthansa Group that exist out of Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings?

SWISS economy seats..not bad!

Airplane meals with a story
What really makes  SWISS so interesting for me as a food lover, is the story behind their airplane meals: SWISS taste of Switzerland. Every 4 months they ask the crème de la crème among the top chefs to prepare a menu. Just one great chef from one of the Swiss regions is the lucky one. The big challenge for the master chef is to come up with airplane business and first class proof meals that are made with typical local, seasonable ingredients and specialties of that amazing region. During this trip I was at the food presentation for spring 2017, an overwhelming food walhalla created by the famous and commended Thomas Neeser. My oh my, so great to see so much passion, fun and creativity in one person. Not so surprising that SWISS have won so many awards with this unique food concept, thumbs up! Are you a vegetarian than this would be great news for you: SWISS cooperates with the world’s first vegetarian restaurant HILTL, who caters the vegetarian airplane meals day after day. Next week I tell you more about this extraordinary hotspot.

Checking out the new Swiss menu
Checking out the new menu for spring 2017

The chefs at Swiss
Thomas Neeser (left) at the menu presentation

Let’s go business class
The part of my trip I’ll never forget was my flight back. SWISS surprised me with a business class seat, OMG! Maybe you know what that means: entrance to the business lounge! A world full of food opened for me including my all-time favorite M&Ms – please, squeeze me here – chocolate desserts, oh and let’s not forget the champagne! It was all you can imagine. I flew back to Amsterdam, totally relaxed with,…more food and wine! I could get used to this. I hear you thinking: ‘my wallet does not allow me to buy a business ticket.’ No, mine does neither. But from €900,- you can fly business class during international flights. That means for a bit more you get much more luxury: lounge access, extra luggage, better meals, more legroom etc. The price differences in economy and business class aren’t always so huge, it was an eye opener for me. Tip » Always check the economy and business class prices, include a Saturday into your trip and book well in advance to get the scharpest price!

Business Class food at Swiss
Enjoying the business class food on the way back

Food allergies? No problem for SWISS
Last but not least, SWISS is an ideal airline if you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, they even were the first allergy-friendly one in the world. You can contact the customer service prior to your flight and they’ll do everything they can do for you! They even have lactose free chocolate, that’s what I call Swiss service!

Wanna check out SWISS yourself? Visit the website.



*Sharmaine is one of our guest bloggers from the Netherlands with a sweet tooth. The sweeter, the better! She’s no kitchen princess but always in search for the best hotspots in Amsterdam! You can expect an article from her once a month! Check her out on @sharriefromsandmountains!

This couple left everything behind to live in a Volkswagen Van

In October this year Hedwig (30) and Jeroen (33) left everything behind and started a new big adventure. After living in Amsterdam for 5,5 years they sold all their belongings, including their lovely house. Together with their two dogs, Tommie and Olaf, they decided to live in a Volkswagen Van while they explore the world.

Hedwig & Jeroen selling their belongings before the big adventure!

‘To live in a Volkswagen Van wasn’t a difficult choice’.

How did you come up with the idea of selling all your belongings and start living in a van? When did it start to feel like something you could really, really do? We wanted our lives to be less predictable. That’s what started it. We were feeling more and more restless and with that grew the need for adventure. On the other hand, we like to have a place of our own, something to call ‘home’. Living in a van combined these two things and for us it wasn’t a difficult choice. We actually made the decision on a Friday afternoon and right that Monday after we started calling real estate agents for selling our apartment.

Cruising through Europe in their Volkswagen van.

You sold everything you had within 3 months after making the decision. Was it easy to let go of your belongings?
We were lucky to have a place in Amsterdam we could sell within two weeks. The buyer took on some furniture, so until the last day we had a couch to sit on. When it comes to the rest of the furniture and expensive stuff such as our PlayStation, we used an online marketplace for that. Turns out: selling almost all you have is so much work and costs so much time! All the rest we either gave away or we sold it on a huge flea market. After that we only had a few boxes in one corner with the things we were going to take with us. It wasn’t very difficult for us to let go of our stuff. It turns out that we didn’t really need all that luxury anyway. At this point we almost have nothing left, but we’re still happy.

Home is where you drop your doormat.

Looking back, what were the biggest struggles and what have been the easiest so far?
The biggest struggle is that almost everything is a struggle, really. Each activity takes at least three times longer, from making tea to getting clothes out of the closet. Also the two of us live right on top of each other, that’s another thing we have to deal with. We have been together for 15 years and we realize how important it is to make time for yourself and do whatever makes you happy in order to harmoniously live together. Either way: living in such a small van is a true exercise in staying calm. The easiest has been the pure joy we get out of all the amazing places we have seen and the nice people we have met. Surely you make sacrifices, but this life you get in return is quite special. Being parked on top of a cliff and seeing the sun drop into the ocean right in front of you, after which the sky fills itself with the most amazing pink, orange and red colors, that just can’t get boring. Right?

How did your friends and family react when you told them about your exciting plans?
Everyone was really happy for us. They were as excited as they were surprised, because they hadn’t seen it coming, but hey: neither did we. We feel really lucky to be supported in the way everyone has done. Also it’s nice be not that far away. Traveling in Europe means that almost everyone has the chance to visit us!

hondjesraam live in a volkswagen van
Olaf and Tommie on the road

How did you prepare yourself to this new life?
We still don’t know if there is really a way of preparing yourself for this life. You just have to undergo it. For everyone it is completely different. We tried to prepare ourselves by just imagining what would be the core belongings we need. From practical to personal and sometimes not even useful. We gathered new stuff as well, like a plastic African mat that functions as our porch and an indispensable hunting knife that we use for almost everything. Another thing that has helped us is the online community of van-lifers. Many of them share details about this kind of life you eagerly want to know when you start working on such an adventure.

Where have you been and what are your experiences so far?
We have now driven about 3500 kilometers, which is above average since we covered a lot of distance in the first two weeks. We were chasing the bit of good weather that was left in Europe. This meant we headed for Portugal and spent not even a handful of days in both France and Spain. What we’ve experienced is incredible, although we also try to live a slow paced life. We don’t want expectations to guide us. There will always be more that you miss than what you will actually see, no matter how much you travel. The only expectations we’ve had when starting this journey is about the way we live, about being free and making our own choices. That box we can totally check.

Live in a Volkswagen van
When you live in a Volkswagen Van, you enjoy candlelight dinners every night. 

How does a day in your life look like?
It starts with something awesome: not having to turn off an alarm clock. Funnily enough we almost always awake at about 8am and hardly ever sleep in. The way the morning passes varies: from staying in bed and reading when it rains to doing yoga outside to spending forever on making an extensive breakfast to just doing nothing. The afternoons we tend to be a bit more active. We like to discover a town and when we are in the middle of nature we might take a long walk. Sometimes there are chores to be done, such as doing laundry. And sometimes there is serious work to be done. I will work on an article or interview and Jeroen will be editing one of his drone videos of the van. There’s one thing for sure in our days: we almost always get to do stuff we like, each and every day again. Loving this lifestyle to the moon and back.

Did you meet some interesting people yet?
Many! From enthusiastic surfers that can get a huge campfire going in no time to interesting hippie people that live in vans as long as they remember. They have a total different view of this world. Meeting different people was also something we looked very much forward to.

What are your travel plans for the coming weeks or months?
We think we will stay in Portugal for the holidays. We might go to Lisbon for New Year’s Eve. After that we’d love to take the boat and go to Morocco. We hear nothing but good stories about this country. Also it will be nice to experience some warm winter weather. Springtime we might spend in Spain and France, but nothing is certain. We are however keen to go to England, Scotland and Ireland and also Scandinavia.

Waiting for the rain to stop.

Do you think you will ever come back to Amsterdam?
Of course! It’s one the nicest and most beautiful cities we know and many of our friends live there. On the other hand, we have no idea if we would ever want to live there again ourselves. This journey that we’re on right now asks our undivided attention and it exists just because we don’t think or worry about the future.

Waking up like this.

Curious about their new lives or ever thought about living in a van? Go follow them on Instagram via @liveslowdriveslower.

All pictures in this article are by Hedwig and Jeroen.



*Kim Bosman is one of our guest bloggers from the Netherlands. This gymrat works as a digital creative and loves to travel. Other things she likes: eating, writing and photography. You can expect an article from her once a month. Go check out her Instagram

Our Favorite Wanderlust Moments of 2016

Damn, 2016 is coming to an end and wow, did it go by fast! Many new memories have been made and adventures shared. Time to look back at some of our favorite wanderlust moments of 2016!

Elke’s trip to the Philippines December – January 
It was on our bucketlist forever and Elke finally crossed it off her list last Dec-Jan. She traveled to Cebu, Bohol and Palawan where she saw the most amazing islands. “It’s like Thailand 20 years ago and even more beautiful” To read all her tips about The Philippines, have a look here: wander-lust.nl/the-philippines/

Favorite Wanderlust Moments of 2016
In El Nido, Palawan

Sarah’s trip to Malaysia – November
For 3 weeks Sarah traveled through Malaysia visiting Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi and Borneo. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Malaysian people are extremely creative and you will see street art, local handmade goods and delicious food everywhere. If you’re planning to go, you must read her articles about Malaysia: wander-lust.nl/malaysia/

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Our city trip to Prague – April
It was our first trip together funny enough and we had so much fun! The life is cheap in Prague so we enjoyed it to the max trying out all the best food spots and checking out the nightlife. From cycling tours to getting lost, finding a hipster Vietnamese bar and drinking a lot of beer. We also discovered that we are perfect travel partners! Read our city guide to Prague here: wander-lust.nl/falling-in-love-with-prague/

Wanderlust in Prague
Perfect travel partners 

Switzerland during Springtime – May
If there is something you should do when you live in Europe, is to grab your car and drive up to Switzerland during springtime. The incredible nature, mountains and lakes are stunning! Elke drove up to Lutcerne, Vitznau and hiked up the Rigi Mountain. It’s not the cheapest place to visit but the views are more than worth it! Must do for 1017! wander-lust.nl/why-you-should-visit-switzerland-this-summer/

Hotel Rigi Kaltbad, Switzerland
Stunning views from the Rigi mountain

Our secret trip to Valencia – June
We didn’t know where we were going and found out at the airport when we scrashed our SRPRS.me card. Valencia it was! The weather was great, the food was great and the whole city break was great. Although it was Sarah’s 2nd time, we managed to discover so many new spots! wander-lust.nl/our-secret-trip-to-valencia/

Watermelon in Valencia
Eating watermelons in Valencia

Glamping in Portugal – June
This was a very special trip because we didn’t really know what to expect. We got invited by Into The Wild Algarve, a couple that left their hectic lives in Amsterdam to move to Portugal and start a Eco-Glamping Resort. We were their first official guests and they made us feel so at home. The care that they treated us with, really touched us. We enjoyed outside Yoga, Supping, Vegan Cooking and discovered the beaches of the Algarve. Check our report here: into-the-wild-algarve/

Into the Wild Algarve Tent
Our bohemian glamping tent

Swedish Lapland – June
After our visit to the travel bloggers conference (TBEX) in Stockholm, Sarah checked out the Swedish Lapland for a few days. She discovered the untouched nature, fishing, ice sculpture, spa’s and sleeping in the light. (it doesn’t get dark there in June!) wander-lust.nl/relaxing-activities-in-kukkolaforsen-swedish-lapland/

Grilled fish
Smoking freshly caught fish in Sweden

Elke’s trip to Norway – August
“Cried when they landed, in the bus and cried when I saw the first mountain.” All because it was so beautiful. What a stunning place! Together with Visit Norway Elke and a bunch of journalists visited the Fjords where she learned how to kayak. wander-lust.nl/my-amazing-trip-through-north-west-norway/

Visit North West Norway
Crying 3.0

So there you have it, new memories were made, hidden gems were discovered and many new hotspots were found. These were our favorite wanderlust moments of 2016. We hope we’ve inspired you this past year! It was great to see that some of you actually did the trips or took the route we wrote about! Get ready for 2017 as we have more exiting things planned!

For more impressions about all our trips, check our YOUTUBE Channel where we add all our travel memories! We need more subscribers so hopefully you guys can help us out! ;-)


Elke & Sarah

We want to share some personal and exiting news with you..

At Wander-Lust we focus on giving you as much information as possible about special destinations, hidden treasures, new food spots and travel tips. When you follow us on Instagram you will notice that we are less personal than some other “bloggers” and that’s because we want you to gain interest in travel and get the information you may seek instead of looking at our boring faces all the time ;-).  However, it’s always nice to know the girls behind the blog/website so by now you have a fair idea who we are, where we come from and what are passions are. We want you to relate to us when you read an article and we hope to inspire you with the things we do and the stuff we’ve learned along the way! A new period in my life has began (or will begin) and I think it’s time to share this exiting news with you guys… 

There is a Wanderlust-baby on the way!
Yes, I’m pregers and I’ve been pregnant for a whole 6 months now!! It’s my first child and I have no idea what’s happening so I’m pretty exited as you can imagine. This hasn’t stopped me from traveling so this is why you may not have noticed before :-).  Coming to my 7th month, airlines won’t let me fly anymore so all long distance travels will be done by Sarah and our guest bloggers the coming period.


Wanderlust Baby
Sneezing at posing at the same time. Didn’t know I could do that but hey!

What does this mean for Wander-Lust? 
Not a lot will change. At least, not on our website. During the last month in my pregnancy, I will take it a bit easier and Sarah will take over some of the work. We are also lucky to have 7 amazing guest bloggers that will travel and discover all the hotspots so you won’t miss out on anything! After that I am planning to continue as usual only I will have more to write about! I will discover destinations with extra angles and I’m sure there are many parents amongst our readers so extra travel tips are coming your way in 2017! So what’s on our agenda? Well, Sarah will fly to Bali mid December where she will be for 3 weeks with fellow blogger Marlieke (@cottenandcream), photographer Ilsoo van Dijk, (FatKidsCake) and model Reno Sluyter. Foodie Sharmaine will fly to Zurich on the 13th of December for a culinary trip and guest blogger Eva will move mountains in Austria on a awesome ski trip in Januari! Besides this we are planning a lot more for 2017..

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I’m ready for this new chapter in my life and I can’t wait to show my wanderlust-baby the world!


*Photo’s are by Lotte Manou Photography for BeBoldandBeautiful.nl

A huge Black Friday Discount for our readers!

We love sharing good things with you and besides the travel tips and beautiful destinations, we think you should also enjoy the best of our travel essentials. We have our biggest Black Friday Discount ever! (yes, it’s tomorrow).

After the success of our last article about Portret Photography, we got a lot of comments about the lens we use. Well, for our close up photography, we use the Olympus 45mm 1.8 portret lens and this is why;

The benefits of using the Olympus 45mm 1.8 portret lens:
Well, pretty simple actually, you make better pictures. A lot better. Let’s check:
» Easy to bring along and with just over 115 grams and measuring only 46x56mm, it’s a truly small and lightweight lens that fits easily in the palm of your hand so a lot more convenient while you’re on the move.
»  Create clear, focused objects or people with blurry backgrounds, If you try this without this lens, you might struggle for a while. This lens basically does the job for you, times 10.
» Autofocus is extremely fast, this is great for shooting moving animals or children.
» No flares to ruin your shot! You can even make a picture of the sun and it still won’t give you those annoying flares

Beautiful images with blurry backgrounds

Clear, sharp and close-up

Black Friday Discount Olympus 45mm lens

So what’s the deal?
Well, because sharing is caring (yes, we firmly believe this!) and tomorrow it happens to be Black Friday, we’re happy to share this amazing offer with you guys! If you use code WANDERLUST with your order for the Olympus 45mm 1.8 portret lens, you only pay €199,- instead  of €329,-! Talking about a big discount! You can order the lens via the Olympus online shop.

Be aware that this offer is ONLY available between the 25th and 27th of November so make sure you won’t miss this opportunity!

Happy Black Friday Discount!