Greentom » A stroller created out of plastic bottles

As you might know, I’ve recently become a new mummy to a baby boy. I couldn’t imagine it any different now, but I have thought long about becoming a mom and this is why. Bringing a child on this earth is a beautiful thing but let’s be real here, it’s something we mainly do for our own happiness. I count myself guilty. There are enough people on this earth, too many in fact and this is a huge problem for the planet. I worry a lot about our planet because it doesn’t look good for the next generations and I want to leave my child with a healthy planet that he can be proud of. But yes, I did decided to have this baby so I want to teach him about the world so he can see all the beauty and hopefully contribute to a sustainable planet.

You’ve guessed it, sustainability is extremely important to me. I’m a vegetarian (almost vegan), I shower in less than 5 minutes and organize events about climate change to inspire and educate the younger generation. Oh, and one day I’ll own a Tesla. (yes, I can keep the dream alive!)
I’m also selective about the products I buy (boycotting palm oil is a daily struggle) and especially with a baby! It’s hard and often more expensive to remain sustainable at all times. This is when I came across the Greentom, a product that was going to be a huge part of my new life as a mother.


Greentom is a brand that has created a stroller recycled from plastic bottles. Dutch designer Bart Bost wanted to create the first truly honest stroller. It needed to be particularly practical and sustainable. Well, it has Elke written all over it. Buying baby stuff can be quite overwhelming let me tell you! With all the different brands from luxury-expensive-over the top to bad quality strollers out there, this was exactly what I was looking for. Greentom’s mission is to create 100% green products. The fabrics are entirely made out of recycled drinking bottles. They collect bottles all over the world. That limits the impact of shipping. It also means a stroller is made from natural and recycled sources nearby. And it stimulates local economies!

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Walking around in the Amsterdam Vondelpark

Greentom on the beach
Nature in nature

My Review
I choose the 2-in-1 edition that most parents go for. Meaning; you use it flat for the first few months and once your child can sit up straight, you can change it into a reversible. Besides being sustainable, I think one of the best features is that it’s one of the lightest strollers out there at the moment. Light as a feather! You can easily turn it around with one hand or lift it when you need grab a few stairs. It also folds in real easy, so no need to stress when you need to get into your car. The wheels are not filled with air like most strollers so you need to be a little careful when you ride over a sidewalk, simply lift it up a little to avoid a full stop.

The 3 options to convert the Greentom

Always the eyecatcher

The stroller also comes with several extra’s that you can buy online. I also got myself the rain cover (need to have one if you live in The Netherlands!), and a car seat adapter. The organic fabrics come in many different colors so you can certainly find your favorite. I picked mint green and I get so many positive comments out on the street! (I’ve seriously gotten more comments on my GreenTom than on my outfits) It’s a true eye catcher and a great conversation maker, which I use to explain about the beauty of this product. And guess what, it’s very affordable too. You pay around 1200 euro for a stroller nowadays but the Greentom 2-in-1 is available from just €499,-! That includes the carrycot and reversible.

The GreenTom is one of those brands that is making planet earth a little better and I’m totally for it.

For more info and online shop visit their Website.



The Building GreenDutch, A Sustainable Hair Salon

Getting your hair done and feeling guilt free is the new cool. The Building GreenDutch is the new sister of hair salon The Building and is now open!

Going Green
At The Building GreenDutch they combine the love for our planet, hairdressing and styling business. When you enter this new spot, you will find that all the things you see are from Dutch origin. From the organic (stroop) waffles to the shampoo bottles. They swear by the oneliner: clean and green! They like to keep it local too and for this reason they only work with Keune, a traditional Dutch hairdressers brand with a green product: Pure, completely vegan-friendly and made from 100% pure plant extracts.

Step into our salon knowing that not only your hair looks great, but you have also contributed for a better and more beautiful world.

More than hair
You can visit The Building GreenDutch for a wonderful coupe and stick around for traditional farm-fresh goodies, organic juices (made from fruits and vegetables from local farmers) or a good coffee. Prices vary from 55 euro for a ladies cut, to highlights and coloring starting from 70 euro. 

The Building GreenDutch

The Building GreenDutch

Come to this special hair salon but let it be good for the environment, with a relaxed atmosphere.

The Building GreenDutch
Haarlemmerdijk 156, Amsterdam
T: 020 7371211

Top 5 Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Follow This Year

Instagram. We love it. We love visually strong websites and blogs and Instagram instantly takes you to a moment. A picture really says a thousands words and these 5 Instagram accounts really prove that. We discovered some new amazing travel Instagram accounts this year that we think you will love.

With 580K followers, this Sydney based traveler is living it up. Her pictures are truly mesmerizing and she makes our jaw drop every time. Her specialty has to be Japanese style food. Lot’s of color which reminds you of the Harajuku style. All her food photo’s are so perfectly styled and ordered and it looks like she has spent hours on it. Fascinating. Besides her foodie pics, she does a pretty good job of visiting the most amazing places. 

Perfectly organized

Top 5 travel Instagram accounts. tara-milk-tea
Source: @TaraMilkTea

Originally from Russia, Polina calls Amsterdam her hometown now. We’ve actually met her a few times and she’s a lovely girl too! Besides traveling she posts the most incredible pictures with a slightly pink filter which makes it that extra special. From Moscow, to Austria, Australia and back to Amsterdam. This girl has been all over the world. She has a lot of Russian fans and her account grew rapidly over the last year. 



Top 5 travel Instagram accounts. polabur-amsterdam
At the Amsterdam Dam Square. @Polabur

Her name is Aggie Lal and she is one talented girl! Her Instagram account is to die for  but you should also check out her video’s that she is posting on her YouTube channel. It will make you want to pack your bags immediately. She describes herself as a Polish born, Australian educated, Los Angeles based adventure traveler, writer, blogger and photographer. Watch this girl. 

Top 5 travel Instagram accounts travel-in-her-shoes 

Ok, time for some men in this list! Yes, this one is a good one and a real traveler. He’s probably one of the most re-grammed person when it comes to travel photo’s and no wonder that he’s made it to our top 5 travel Instagram accounts list. Jack Morris travels the world with his girlfriend (@gypsylust) who has a crazy beautiful Instagram account of her own. He lives on the road and visits a new country almost every week. Dream off to his photo’s and it’s OK to be jealous, we are too. 


Top 5 travel Instagram accounts gypsylust
Jack’s girlfriend @gypsy_lust

Empowering indeed. This Instagram account features the most incredible pictures of women along their adventures and travels. Be inspired and get to know the women behind the photo’s. Who knows, you might get featured one day! 


Top 5 travel Instagram accounts we-are-travelgirls



Obsession » The Pillow Room

What began with a trip through India and across Asia, resulted in a beautiful pillow collection. Creative director Sanne Poot was decorating her house in Singapore when she came up with the idea. She couldn’t find any nice pillows that suited her new house so she decided to make her own. She got so many positive reactions on it, that she decided to start The Pillow Room. 


It certainly helped that Sanne has a background in fashion. She used to work for fashion brand Love Stories. Her love for fashion and style really shows in her first pillow collection. All the pillows are handmade in India and each pillow takes around 8 hours to make. Sanne makes sure her pillows are created by carefully checked factories, so she makes sure that no child labour and bad conditions apply. This is one of her main objectives. “we visited all our factories to make sure nothing shady is going on, this is extremely important to us”

Loving this colorful design!


Schermopname (207)
Some of the styles available online

The Pillow Room
Feeling tropical with pillow’s from The Pillow Room

There are pillow’s for everyone’s taste, from elegant and stylish to colorful The pillow’s are available in all 7 Bijenkorf stores, Anna & Nina, Six & Sons and Biggles plus some cute boutique stores throughout the Netherlands. Not around? No worries, you can buy them online from today onward! The pillow’s go from €29 to €89 depending on the size. We’re obsessed, no question!

The Pillow Room



O’Neill launches sustainable slippers made from palm leaves

When brands try to be innovative and sustainable at the same time, this is when you got our attention. O’Neill Footwear just launched a slipper that is made out of Palm leaves!

Don’t worry, no palmtrees are cut down for this. Have you heard of the Areca Palm? That is a palm tree which grows in the Southern part of India. Every year there are 80 million leaves falling down from it and nothing was ever done with it … until now ! Together with Tjeerd Veenhoven, a Dutch designer, O’Neill created these slippers with a good story. Tjeerd Veenhoven researches in sustainable and natural materials. He has already created paint of tulips, laminate from potato skins and textiles from algae. and now he was asked by O’Neill  to check out the possibilities with palm leather.

O'Neill palm slippers -MOODZfotografie-063

The Slipper
O’Neill created 2 slippers for women. One slipper with a toe strap called ‘ Chelsea ‘ and one sandal with cross strap under the name ‘ Sophie’ . The footbed and two straps are made ​​of palm leaves. The beach footwear feels comfortable and yet, managed to look stylish. For this extra comfort they’ve used one small suede strap. The cool thing about these palm slippers are that each pair is unique and different in color and has other features, because it being a natural product and no palm leaf is the same!

O'Neill palm slippers - MOODZfotografie-004

Tree of Life
Besides the ultimate surfer slipper, there is another reason to buy it. The fallen palm leaves picked up by local Indian workers where they are carefully selected for manufacturing. For each palm leaf they pick up,  they get paid. This process improves the lives of many Indian people . Hence the name : The ” Tree of Life Project. The palm tree is now vital for the poorest communities , in a country where caste your position on the social ladder states . Who buys these slippers , supports the local Indian employees can now also take advantage of what nature provides.

I’m looking forward to wear my first pair of Palmtree Slippers as my order is on it’s way! They are available at MINT from the 28th of July.



Packing Guide » The Ultimate Travel Skin Kit

I’m traveling for the weekend quite often, flying around on a monthly basis for work. Everyone knows that you can carry limited quantities of liquids through airport security when you are only allowed to bring hand luggage. Liquids may only be carried in containers holding 100ml or less. HELP! 

One thing that causes some stress on a female traveler would probably be about packing those liquid toiletries right? How can you bring all your favorites toiletries? It already happened to me a couple of times, when I start packing my bags in a rush and totally forgot to check the quantities. I had to say goodbye to some of my favorite (and very expensive) creams at the security. But this will not happen to me again! Luckily our favorite brand Dermalogica came with Travel Skin Kit options.
This Dermalogica Travel Skin Kit basically contains a full regimen of what your skin needs most, wherever you’re going!
For £26.35 you get a cleanser, toner, scrub and active moist. There are several travel skin kits available.
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Travel kit Dermalogica
Elke uses the normal/dry travel kit from Dermalogica

One of our favorites is the multi-active toner. The air at high altitudes has very little moisture, it makes the cabin air dry. Your skin gets dehydrated and this toner has the perfect solution for it. It helps the condition and prepares the skin for proper moisture absorption. Arnica and Cucumber extracts help to keep the skin smooth and refreshed. Spray directly over the entire face and throat with eyes closed.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Handy for in your bag!

Skin secrets on the plane:
» Make sure to drink a lot of water before and during the flight
» Sleep with your hair out of your face. Many of us use oil and hair care products. Make sure to pull all of your hair off your face as it can be harmful. 
» Make sure that your moisturize has SPF of 30 or higher. It isn’t just for vacation, it’s your best weapon in the fight against wrinkles and sun damage. When you get out of the plane and your skin is exposed with daylight, it’s very important that your skin is protected. Don’t forget your chest and the top of your hands (which most people forget).
» Don’t pick at your face. You see seriously everything in the lights of the toilets. Most of us know we shouldn’t do this, but lots of us do it anyway….

Good luck and let me know if it helped you!


This woman draws the most amazing art on surfboards

She was born in Indonesia but she grew up in The Netherlands. I met her a few years ago through a Dutch blog I used to write for called Moderne Hippies. I’m talking about Chanti Mai.This woman is special for several reasons. She is a yoga teacher, a masseuse and a cancer survivor.  Yes, she was diagnosed in 2013 and has been fighting this terrible disease for a few years. Thankfully, she is now cancer free.

But I don’t want to focus on the cancer. Because Chanti makes the most amazing mandala art drawings on surfboards! 

Surfboard art by Chanti Mai
Photo Credit: Caroline Løvehjerte

It all started when the cancer made her feel low on energy so she didn’t have the strength to surf. Something she always loved to do. She wanted to do something to keep herself entertained so she started drawing again, something she had done in the past. She didn’t think it would go somewhere until a friend told her she should start taking this “mandala drawing” seriously. She got asked to draw her first art piece on a surfboard and more kept on following. She has developed her own style so people immediately recognize her surfboards!

Mandala art on Surfboards
Photo Credit: Marie-Therese Reretsifp

Chanti Mai at work
Chanti at work

Surfboard art by Chanti Mai

You can follow Chanti on Facebook or read her blogs on Moderne Hippies. (Dutch only). For Massages, Yoga classes and Mandala Art, you can visit her website.
Would you like a personalized mandala drawing from Chanti? You can get 10% off your order if you use the word “wanderlust”!



These are our favorite Coachella 2016 trends

With Coachella gone, we can talk about the outfits and trends. Yes, Coachella girls and boys set the new trends for this summer. The traditional bohemian look has faded a little bit and makes place for metallic jewelry, round sunglasses, denim and and facial glitter. These were some of our favorite Coachella 2016 trends:

Kunna Haan @KUNAHAAN
This girl is what Coachella is all about. She is a festival girl and boy, does she have style. We’re proud to say she’s Dutch! This year she rocked black piece, rock chick meets dark bohemian. Uber cool.

Kuna Haan Coachella girl
Photo Source: Tim Regas

Julie Sarinana aka @SINCERELYJULES
We’ve been following this tropical girl for a couple of years now and she didn’t disappoint us at Coachella this year. With flowers in her hair, she sticks by her own style which we love!

Sincerely Jules, Coachella girl
Source: @sincerelyjules

Franggy Yanuz aka @FRACROX
Our favorite beardman made his way to Coachella this year and guess who kind of styled him in Levi’s? Yes, Wander-Lust Sarah! You did well girl. Denim makes the man!

Franggy Yanus, Coachella man
Franggy pictured with Lizzy van der Ligt

Rocky Barnes aka @ROCKY_BARNES
Girl crush! We loved her butterfly headpiece from Delfina crowns

Rocky Barnes at Coachella 2016

Trend » Metallic Fashion
Heavy but this is the must have jewelry this summer!

Metallic fashion Coachella
Kendall rocks the metallic trend. Photo Source: Tim Regas

Trend » Round Sunnies
Totally agree, The John Lennon look has never been so trendy as this year!

Round sunglasses at Coachella

Trend » Denim
The Coachella trend that never fails; Denim

Denim at Coachella
Lizzy, Chiara, Bikini girls Tash&Dev

Trend » Chokers
Yes, they’re back! Maybe I have one left from when I was 13?

Chokers at Coachella 2016

Trend » Facial Glitter
Flash tattoos are soo 2015…

Coachella-Fashion-2016-Pictures (6)

So, what’s your favorite trend?



Obsession » Miniature vases for your bicycle!

Amsterdam is a city dominated by bicycles. There are so many bikes that it can be hard to remember where you’ve parked your bicycle sometimes. One good reason to pimp yours and stand out! Lot’s of people to this by painting their bikes or adding features like baskets and accessories.
If you’re one of those bicycle pimps, you’re going to love this new trend: Miniature vases for your Bicycle!


Bring a little color to your life and pimp your bike with flowers and vases in all sorts of colors and sizes! The vase is made with 3D printing. (how cool!) It is then dyed and sealed with acrylic varnish to keep retain water and maintain the color. Don’t worry about it getting stolen, this planter has a flat bottom, so it can rest on your table or desk when not on your bike. They will stand the rainy weather in Amsterdam or any city for that matter but they are so good looking that you probably want to take them inside with you anyway! The vases are created by Colleen Jordan, an Atlanta-based designer and artist who runs Wearable Planter. On her website she also sells pins and other cool objects to green up your life with!

Flowers on your Bicycle
Go greener!

Mint bicycle plant
Take it to the office!

Wearable plants

Visit where you can order them online from about 35 dollars. 



*all pictures are courtesy of Wearable Plants

Hot or Not? The Mahabis Slipper

It’s the newest trendy slipper on the market; The Mahabis Slipper. It’s a combination between an indoor and outdoor shoe. One thing is for sure, they are extremely comfy and they don’t look as bad as Crocs! So, will this be the big hit?

Schermopname (99)
Schermopname (98)
Pretty cute

Mahabis is based in London but manufactured in Portugal and the soles on the slipper are Italian. Talk about going global!
It’s pretty simple; when you’re inside you use them as comfortable house slippers and when you’re off for a walk outside or you need to take out the trash, you just click the sole on and you’re off! Because the sole is separate, you can change up the design as much as you’d like and they are available in a lot of colors. They cost £59,95,- and you can order online.

we’re on a singular quest to create simple products that help you relax – Mahabis

Mahabis slipper
Click and go

It’s perfect for traveling cause their light and easy to pack! Yes, I think we’re going to get a pair, what about you?
Check out their Instagram account for inspiration.



Want to feel comfortable yet stylish whilst traveling? Check out these tips!