The Dutch Weed Burger Joint

You must have seen The Dutch Weed Burger at various food festivals, markets or events. If you haven’t, you should try it because it’s one of the most innovating burgers in the world right now. You could already order the special burger at many restaurants around the country but now it’s time for the venture opened it’s first vegan-seaweed-fastfood-bar in Amsterdam West called The Dutch Weed Burger Joint.

The Dutch Weed Burger Joint, Burgers
The famous Weed Burgers Source

Sea Weed is a natural product and the food of the future

Come to this new vegan hotspot for a tasty bite with a beer in your hand and enjoy a 100% plant based menu. Besides the Weed Burger you can also order Seawharma, The Dutch Weed Dog and Wish ‘n Chips. The Joint will also serve freshly made Mylkshakes 100% vegan sweets like the Galaxy Doughnut. Sounds good!

The new location. Source

So Why Seaweed?
The burger is made out of seaweed but don’t be alarmed, it actually taste very good plus there are a lot of health benefits. Sea Weed is a natural product and the food of the future. Sea Weed natural contains protein, omega 3 and minerals. Many scientists believe that this powerful plant could save the world if we run out of resources. It hardly needs any sweet water or space so it’s good for the environment. A win-win situation!

Dutch Weed Burger Joint
Nicolaas Beetstraat 47, Amsterdam
Open: wed – sun 11.00 – 21.30



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Summer in the city, why we love Amsterdam

It’s no secret that we are crazy in love with Amsterdam. Even though we travel around the world and have seen so many amazing places, it’s such a good feeling to fly back to Amsterdam, the city we call our home. Like most cities, Amsterdam is at it’s best during summer. There are ton’s of events, places to sit outside and summer festivals. In collaboration with we have lined up a few reasons why Amsterdam is our favorite city in..well, the world!

Those Canals..
Yep, that’s Amsterdam’s little Venice. There’s nothing like it and during summer you can’t miss out on the many boats floating around the canals of our city. It’s very common for a group of friends to hire a boat where everybody brings wine, snacks and music to enjoy the day until the sun goes down. At night you can enjoy the canals as most of them are lit up by romantic lights.

It’s Foodie Heaven
New York, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, London you name it, we’ve all been there but Amsterdam seriously has some of the best food divided over different area’s. Because it’s so multicultural, you can literally find all sorts of cuisines here. From Asian, Moroccan, Italian, French to Tapas or Vegan. It’s here. If there is a new food hype, you can probably find it here in Amsterdam. Some of our favorite restaurants are BAK, Cottoncake, A-Fusion and Bo Nam.

On Friday nights you can find us at Bo Nam!

Green, Greener, Greenest
Because Amsterdam is so wide and open, we have a lot of space for green. Meaning, we have a park in almost every part of the city. If you live in West you have Westerpark, If you live in East, you have Oosterpark, if you live in South, you have Amstelpark and the center has the famous Vondelpark of course. We haven’t even mentioned the large Amsterdamse Bos which is more of a forest! Check out our green urban route in Amsterdam.

Urban adventure with Wander-Lust
In the forest of Amsterdam

Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin. ― John Green

Terraces Everywhere!
Unlike a city like New York, we have a lot of space in between the buildings and houses. Therefore many restaurant and bar owners have a licence to serve drinks and food outside. This is what makes Amsterdam extra special. If the sun shines, everyone is outside. Check out the best terraces in Amsterdam West and Amsterdam East or look a little higher and find out where the best rooftop terraces are.

Restaurant Bureau rooftop

It’s Close to the Beach
If it’s more than 25 degrees outside and you’re in need of a sea breeze to cool you off, you can drive to the beach within 25 minutes. You have many options to choose from but we love Wijk aan Zee, Zandvoort and if you want to stay really close, you can visit Blijburg beach which is actually IN Amsterdam!

At Timboektoe Beachclub, Wijk aan Zee

We have some of the best Museums in the world
This is actually a fact. The Van Gogh Museum is one of the most visited museums in the world with more than 2.000.000 visits. Besides that we have the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk for modern art, FOAM for photography and of course the famous Anne Frank house. Nemo is a science museum for kids and Amsterdam hosts many exhibitions throughout the year at various locations.

Summer Festivals
If you like summer festivals, Amsterdam is perfect for you! Our city hosts a stagering 300(!) festivals per year so you can only imagine how many there are during the summer. From dance festivals to foodtrucks, kids or festivals for the LGBT community, it’s all here!

Amsterdam has so many festivals to choose from

Amsterdam is very diverse, also when it comes to it’s people. Most people who live here, weren’t born or raised here but pretty much consider themselves as an Amsterdam citizen. Why? Because they are proud to live in Amsterdam. And yes, we are guilty as charged, because we are “imported” as well. Almost 10 years ago! We can’t imagine leaving this beautiful city just yet..

Do you want to visit Amsterdam for a weekend? We are eligible to give one of our followers a weekend voucher worthy of 150 euro that you can use at Just tell us why you love Amsterdam or why you want to visit our captital and who knows, you might win!

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NEW! A Vegan Ice-Cream Bar in Amsterdam

When it’s hot outside, we want ice-cream. But when you’re vegan, it’s not always that easy to find the Ice-Cream you want. If you are vegan or you’re trying to cut down on dairy, you will be happy to hear that the Juicebrothers are selling amazing vegan ice-cream flavors at their new location in Amsterdam!

The Ice-cream bar at Juicebrothers Haarlemmerplein Source

In collaboration with Van Leeuwen Ice-Cream, they now sell delicious flavors like Black Sesam, Tumeric and even Spirulina! Van Leeuwen Ice-Cream is an organic brand that originated in Brooklyn New York. Besides their New York and Los Angeles stores, they are now making waves overseas. The vegan scoops are made with housemade cashew milk, organic coconut milk, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic cane sugar, pure cocoa butter, and organic carob bean. 



Van Leeuwen Ice-Cream in Amsterdam
Van Leeuwen Ice-Cream announcing their collaboration with The Juicebrothers

We’ll can’t wait to try it!

Haarlemmerplein, Amsterdam



This coffee bar in Amsterdam serves Coffee In A Cone

Just when you thought you had seen it all in coffee land, there is something new to be exited about. Coffee bar The Cone Masters serves, well, coffee in a cone. We needed to try this out of course!

Besides the innovating way of drinking your coffee, you can also experience 3 different flavors into one! The inside of the cone is coated with chocolate and you can choose between milk, pure and white chocolate. Yummy!

The Cone Masters Source

The Cone Masters are located in the Vijzelgracht in central Amsterdam and is a project from 4 students. They discovered the trend in South Africa and they brought it to Amsterdam. Clever thinking indeed! The bad news is that it’s a pop-up project so hurry if you want to try this cookie-coffee in a cup! The Cone Masters are here until the 18th of June. (They did just told me that they are planning on selling them online!)

The Cone Masters
Vijzelgracht 41, Amsterdam



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Amsterdam Event Calendar for June 2017

Hello June! June gives us festivals, outdoor events, art, yoga and markets. Enjoy our Amsterdam Event Calendar for this month!

On The Roof 
When? 2nd of June – 15th of August
What? Music with a view
Enjoy jazz sounds and world music on top of the Op Zeezand with a fantastic view over ‘T IJ. Ticket are available from €14,-. The capacity is limited with only 100 seats per show, so make sure to book your tickets in time.

Holland Festival
When? 3rd – 25th of June at several locations
What? Art highlighted in every form
This year they run for 70 years so it’s a special edition to say the least. Enjoy Theater, Music, Film, Dance and more.

Bacchus Wine Festival
When? 9th – 18th of June at Amsterdamse Bos
What? Wine and food
The weather is suppose to be good so a great excuse for a glass of wine! (or three..). Take your bicycle because drinking and driving is something you don’t want. Kids and dogs are also welcome! Tickets are available at

Komm Schon Alter Festival
When? 10th of June in De Tuinen van West

What? A festival for 24+ only
If you love festivals that offer a great underground line up that’s intimate and doesn’t have 18 year old’s running around, you will love Komm Schon Alter. It’s the first time a festival is hosted at this location and the weather is suppose to be good. There are only a few tickets left so get them here:


Vondelpark Open Air Theatre
When? from the 5th of May throughout summer
What? Concerts, performances and fun for children
This open air theater in the middle of the famous Vondelpark has been organizing music performances since 1974. For the next 5 months you can enjoy performances and concerts on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. For all the dates check

Nacht van de Vluchteling (Night of the Refugee)
When? Night of the 17th of June in Amsterdam
What? A night walk of 40km
A super cool initiative and something that should bring people closer together. 6 major cities in the Netherlands will participate a 40km night walk with and for refugees that have been affected by war. How far would you walk to avoid danger? More info on:


Dutch Raw Food Festival
When? 18th of June

What? Raw food at it’s best
On Sunday the 18th of June, the Dutch Raw Food & Lifestyle Festival will be held in Amsterdam. The festival will celebrate its five-year anniversary in style with the famous top raw chef Russell James. James will be creating exciting raw dishes “live”. Visitors will also be able to participate in a cacao ceremony with music and dancing, speed dating, enjoy many lectures and workshops and visit market stalls.

Roots Festival
When? 19th – 25th of June

What? Different cultures shown through music in and around Amsterdam
Amsterdam Roots Festival does that through different languages and a variety of styles of music from all over the world. a musical journey through the most diverse cultures and styles. In ten years, World Roots has taken place at various locations: besides the Melkweg, the Concertgebouw has also offered a stage for ‘non-western’ artists and in the Vondelpark open air concerts were held, until 1998. For the program and ticket check


Yoga Fest
When? 17h & 18th of June at the Westergasfabriek & Yogafest Studio
What? Get zen at the 3rd edition of Yogafest Amsterdam
Yoga, meditation, massages and inspiration. You can enjoy all of this during the 2 day yoga festival. Tickets are available at

Spanish Lessons + Tapas!
When? 16th & 17th of June at Sarphatistraat 554

What? Spanish lessons by Expats Republic
Always wanted to speak one of the most used languages in the world? Well, you can do on the 16th & 17th of June, including some tasty tapas! You will speak Spanish from the go and lessons are curated by Elisenda from Barcelona.

Open Garden Days
When? 16th & 18th of June, Amsterdam
What? Explore the hidden gardens of Amsterdam
More than 30 private as well as public institution gardens will be open to the public. Spaces you would otherwise not see. During the Open Garden Days 2017 Garden aficionados will have a unique opportunity to stroll along the city’s green oases, formal parterres, flowering plants and remarkable garden houses and ornaments; both classical and contemporary gardens can be visited during this three day event. Tickets cost


Froluck Festival
When? 24th of June, at ROEST
What? The largest afro-american inspired market in Europe
Food, clothes, music and a whole lot of fro’s! Entree is 5 euro and there is an after party that starts at 8pm with free entrance. Facebook


Awakenings Festival
When? 24th & 25th of June
What? The biggest Techno Festival in The Netherlands
Elke’s favorite festival and a must visit if you love techno music. All the big names will be there. The festival is held on Saturday & Sunday. Ticket cost around 50 Euro but it’s worth it.

Awakenings Festival
Sunset at Awakenings Festival last year



Get adventurous in Amsterdam and take our urban route!

You may think that we are only adventurous during our travels, but in our hometown Amsterdam we always try to discover new places. The hotspot around the corner is great, but sometimes we look a bit further to find more of the quaint little treasures. Perry Sport asked us to show how an adventures day with us looks like, back home in Amsterdam where we join their #myadventurelifestyle campaign. So last Saturday we spent the day together, as many other days, where we started in the city center and eventually took the car and had our own little adventure to escape the hustle of Amsterdam. Something that we do quite often!

Here is our dairy of Saturday 27th of May

Wake Up call!
We wake up at different times, not because we are so different from each other but one of us has a 3 month old baby so Elke wakes up at 7am (yes, even on a Saturday) and Sarah on the other hand is taking it a bit easier and wakes up around 9.30am (only if nothing epic has happened the night before!). We like to wear beautiful clothes but comfort is key: during the summer months we wear cool denim shorts with a simple feminine top, comfy flip-flops or sandals, with a colorful bikini underneath. 

Wearing Perry Sport

Ready for the day 10:00 – 12.00
We both love to start our day with something healthy. We have a few favorite spots in Amsterdam where we really like to come, but there’s one where we always pop in at. The Juicebrothers have healthy and cleansing juices plus a killer Acai Bowl to get us going. Did you know that they also have a kiosk in Amsterdam West? After breakfast we head to our little adventure not far from the city. The one thing we love about Amsterdam, is that it has so much greenery! Besides the many parks, we have a forest where you can hike, relax and hang out with friends. De Oeverlanden & Het Amsterdamse Bos. It’s the perfect place to get lost for hours and this is exactly what we need after crazy work week. 

Start with an Acai Bowl at Juicebrothers

Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure

Walk though nature 13.00 – 16.00
How to get there really depends on your location but although we are very active and love to ride our bicycle, we took the car this time because of the baby on board. We arrived at The Oeverlanden at first. This area has stayed untouched so plants had a good change to grow in their natural habitat. During the summer you can participate in water sports such as flyboarding. Don’t be surprised if you see a herd of Scottish Highlanders grazing around, they maintain the natural balance in an ecologically responsible way. They won’t bother you unless you don’t bother them. No feeding and no padding! We walked for around and enjoyed the beautiful view of the Nieuwe Meer. The best other thing about this park is that you have plenty of secret swim and sunbathing spots. So you can get a tan without getting disturbed.

Getting adventurous in Amsterdam is easier than you may think..


Wearing the Teva Original Sandals

After discovering the Oeverlanden, it’s time to head over to the other side of the lake. Het Amsterdamse Bos is quite large but we have a few spots you should check out.

  • Art in the forest, you can find several art displays in Het Amsterdamse Bos. (see map for the locations)
  • The Forest Theater is always alive during summer. This season you can enjoy the play Julius Ceasar from the 25th of July until the 9th of September. Get your tickets here.
  • The Pancake Farm, where you can, surprise surprise , eat all sorts of pancakes (even gluten free!) You can get here by taking the ” Ome Piet”, a small raft that will take you and your bicycle across the water and right to the farm.
  • Cuddle with goats at the Goat Farm, something that has become somewhat of a trend nowadays.

Amsterdamse Bos with the locations of the art displays

Relax to the max 18.00 -19.00
When we are not traveling, we love to treat our bodies to a relaxing massage now and then.  So after the 4 hour walk though the forest and some tanning, that was exactly what we needed! We headed over to Het Massagehuys in Amsterdam West where we both enjoyed a relaxing oil massage to finish off the day. 

Het Massagehuys
So many oils to choose from at the Massagehuys

Do you want to get adventurous and enjoy the things we’ve highlighted in our diary? Good news because we are hosting a super cool Give-Away!

1. A free healthy Acai Bowl +1 from the Juicebrothers
2. Perry Sport Urban Gear +1 worthy of 300 euro  (to be picked up at the Kalverstraat)
3. A relaxing massage at the Massagehuys +1
4. Sun defense and skin products +1 from our favorite skincare brand Dermalogica!
5. You and your friend take our Urban route and a professional photographer will shoot your photo’s!

How can you win?

  1. Follow & on Instagram
  2. Share a photo of #myadventurelifestyle and tag both accounts. Don’t forget to tag your friend who you would like to share your prize with! And don’t worry, it could be anything, as long as it’s adventurous!

Winners will be announced within 2 weeks! Keep an eye out on our Instagram account where we will keep you updated via our Insta Stories.


Elke & Sarah

*We collaborated with Perry Sport for this article

13 X Best Terraces in Amsterdam East

Last month we published the 13 x best terraces of Amsterdam West but it wouldn’t be fair to leave Amsterdam East behind! Get your sunglasses out, put some sunscreen on because here are our favorite terraces in Amsterdam East!

Club Koffie
It’s not a very large terrace but it’s the ambiance that counts here. Young, old, you will find all ages here. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and good coffee, obviously.

Source: Club Koffie

Le Pain Quotidien
Tipped by fellow hotspot lover @mytravelboektje, this place serves delicious sandwiches on quality bread. Now is the perfect time to order one of those tasty lunch meals.

De Vergulde Eenhoorn
The perfect place for chilling on the grass, play games and drink beer while your kids are running around. It’s near the Amstel station but tucked away so it feels like you’re on a farm.


Het Badhuis
When I lived in Amsterdam East, I used to chill here with my friends for hours. The building dates back from the 1940’s and was used for washing up. In the 70’s it started become a meeting place for people from the neighborhood and that hasn’t changed until this day. It’s right at the end of the Javastraat and great for people watching!

The place to be if you are a freelancer. You can work here for hours while enjoying the rooftop terrace. At 5pm (or 4pm if you deserve it), close your laptop and enjoy the sunlight on the rooftop where you can also enjoy bathing sessions with music (in a jacuzzi) once a month.

It’s a club, a restaurant, a place for markets and creative people. But the outside area is what it is all about during the summer months. A place for children to play in the sand and for parents to relax while listing to jazzy tunes. The food is pretty good too and we like the coffee here! Facebook.

Source: Roest

The Ysbreeker
I’ve sat here several times in the past and even though this spot is anything but new, it still attracts a good growd. You will find a lot of locals or people on their way from work who stop over to meet a friend and have a drink. Thank to the Lonely Planet, you can also find the occasional tourist. It’s situated next to the water, which gives it a nice touch.

Amstel Boathouse
Not very central but you could call this one a hidden gem or sure! The Amstel Boathouse is perfect for those who love good food and good wine. The building is also in use for hosting events and business purposes and you can expect that the age group is around 30+. (yep, that’s meee)

Source: Amstel Boathouse

Travel to Portugal but stay in Amsterdam? You can do it here at Portuguese restaurant and bar Girassol. At the Amstel with a great view and the sun in your face. Now that I mentioned it, I should go here more often!


Also situated near Amstel Station, this is a wonderful rooftop for after work drinks with your friends. No need to dress up, because casual chill is the dresscode. Just enjoy the sunshine and good conversation. They are only open if it’s dry so check the weather forecast before you head over!

Source: Nest

Bar Louie Louie
A great lunch spot near Oosterpark! Large wooden benches behind glass that keeps the wind away so you can stay warm. When it get’s really hot, they open the windows which gives it a great open feel. You will spot me here soon!

‘t Oostpoortje
I discovered this spot when I walked by on my way to an appointment so I’ve never actually sat down here, but it certainly looked inviting! This terrace is overlooking a canal with flowers and trees on the other side and I could sit here all day. Will you join me? Facebook

Source: ‘t Oostpoortje

De Biertuin
It means the beer garden and yes, there is beer, but this sunny spot offers a lot more than that! They serve organic farm chicken, salads and bites.


Enjoy the East side this summer!



8 x best rooftops in Amsterdam

When you want to see Amsterdam from a new perspective, you go up! We tried & tested several rooftops over the years and we came down to this selection. Check out the best rooftops in Amsterdam.

Opened last year, this is rooftop heaven. You must visit Bureau if you haven’t been! Enjoy the herb garden, chickens and sustainable design. It’s probably one of the best rooftops in Amsterdam. For more pictures and impressions, check our article.

Rooftop restaurant bureau amsterdam
Maximum sun hours at Bureau

Skylounge at Double Tree Hilton
Located next to central station, this rooftop on top of the Double Tree Hilton hotel has one of the best views of central Amsterdam. Dress up nicely because this is not your local hang out. You pay a bit more than usual, but you will feel like royalty (they serve the best sweets with their coffee!). For events and more info visit the website.

W Amsterdam
The WETDECK has recently re-opened so you can enjoy your cocktails on top of the W hotel in Amsterdam. This is the only rooftop in Amsterdam with a pool and people always return to this trendy hotspot. Go here for cocktails and champagne or a jump in the pool.

W Amsterdam

Floor 17
On top of the Ramada Hotel in Amsterdam West, you will find Floor 17. Although it’s a popular hotel for tourist and business trips, this is a rooftop that’s worth the visit. You can sit inside where you can eat in the restaurant or you can enjoy the sunshine outside. They host several events per year and at the moment they feature a huge air-bubble on one side of the rooftop that you can sleep in.

Inside the Air-Bubble on Floor17
The Air-Bubble at Floor 17

Nest at Hotel Casa
A hidden gem if you ask us! Situated near Amstel Station, this is a wonderful rooftop for after work drinks with your friends. No need to dress up, because casual chill is the dresscode. Just enjoy the sunshine and good conversation. They are only open if it’s dry so check the weather forecast before you head over!

Source: Nest

Blue Amsterdam
Right in the heart of Amsterdam, you will find Blue. You wouldn’t know this place has a rooftop, if no one has told you about it. Many tourist discover it by chance because it’s located near the popular shopping district, inside the Kalvertoren.

Source: Blue

Zoku Amsterdam
It’s not the largest rooftop around but it’s innovating and a must visit if you’re around. Zoku Amsterdam is great for breakfast, lunch or staying the night. If you want to find out more about this place, check our article.

Photo by lucasvasilko

Canvas at the Volkshotel
This rooftop restaurant/bar has been around for years. It still got what it takes. Dinner or lunch, it doesn’t matter because the mood is always good. Their outside area isn’t huge but good enough for us! More info here

Let’s not forget about the ADAM Tower across the Central Station. It’s not free to go to the top but the view from is magnificent once you get there. What you can also do is, swing over the edge. Only for daredevils though! 

Let’s get ready for summer in the city!



Sleep in a giant Air-Bubble on top of an Amsterdam rooftop

Sleeping under the stars and feeling on top of the world is now something within your reach, in Amsterdam!  Floor 17, — the rooftop terrace of the Ramada Hotel, has invested in a very special hotel room this month. A giant Air-Bubble is situated on top of the hotel with an impressive view of Amsterdam. 

Are you ready to sleep under the stars?

Inside the Air-Bubble on Floor17

This unique experience starts with a personal check-in that includes champagne (always a good thing), before you will be guided to your rooftop suite. You will have the exclusive access to a private rooftop terrace overlooking the city. Taking a shower or need to fresh up? No problem. When you book the Air-Bubble, it automatically includes a hotel room where you can also store your luggage. In the morning you will receive a Floor17 private breakfast. The special accommodation is decorate by to give it finshing touch. You and your guest can enjoy the stars at night and the panoramic view in the morning. Suuuper romantic!


zithoek Air-Bubble
Details by

In addition to sleeping under the stars there is also the possibility of:

» Private Chef’s dinner for 2 for € 105,-
» A Private Rooftop Movie Night for €50,-
» Floor17 Cocktail workshop for €100,- per hour

The Air-Bubble is available to book from €270,- until the 9th of June and there are only a few nights left. Book it here!



Want to know where to catch the best terraces in Amsterdam West? Check them here:

Westerunie best terraces in Amsterdam West

ZAPPAZ Amsterdam » Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Zappaz Amsterdam is a brand new restaurant and cocktail bar with influences from Casablanca. It was time to try this new jewel on the IJdok.

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